40. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David's Hurricane of Social Disgraces has been wreaking havoc for 8 seasons now, with no signs of slowing down. Like its spiritual predecessor Seinfeld, Curb sets its sights on life's minor annoyances – from faux boners to misinterpreted car horns – and blows them so out of proportion that they become entire plotlines. Whether you consider main character Larry David to be the show's protagonist or antagonist, or both, the most important thing is that he has something to say.

39. King of the Hill

Oh the life of a middle-aged propane salesman! Hank Hill never gets a break. Whether it's his son going to clown school, his wife's boggle championship, something is always getting in the way of him and his perfect lawn. Hank shouldn't feel too bad though, all these trials of his have made King of the Hill the third longest running animated prime time series to date.

38. Recess

Ah, the days of grade school, when all you had to worry about was an incredibly complex social hierarchy and a dizzying list of playground laws. Disney's Recess brings us back to those innocent times, when we were just learning about the constant subjugation that is life.

37. The Ricky Gervais Show

Ricky Gervais is a funny guy. Not only is he responsible for shows like The Office, but he's created more than a few hilarious audio recordings as well. There's only one problem, audio by itself isn't very fun to watch on TV… Thanks to technology, scientists at HBO solved this problem by using something they're calling "animation." Oh the glory of this future world we live in!

36. Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sponge Bob is so cool he not only can get away with rocking his famous square pants, but this guy has a real life mushroom named after him. Now c'mon, that's cool. Mr. Pants is also the reason for the undersea real estate boom of 2000 as well as the subsequent increase in the price of pineapples.

35. Jackass

Jackass is the perfect combination of sketch humor and guys submitting themselves to horrifying physical injuries. Johnny Knoxville and crew should probably all be missing limbs and testicles by now, but that fact has not seemed to deter their quest for comical pain. An interesting note, Saturday Night Live made an offer to feature the Jackass stunts before it eventually got picked up by MTV.

34. Modern Family

America's most diverse family is also its funniest and most endearing. Modern Family interweaves the lives of the Pritchett clan – a gay couple with an adopted child, a culturally clashing interracial marriage, and a seemingly typical family that's anything but- and in the process, celebrates the most universal of truths: What makes us different is what makes us hilarious.

33. The CollegeHumor Show

We promise this wasn't rigged, and we couldn't be more flattered, if not slightly bewildered, that our little show has found itself in such great company. Because at the end of the day we love the shows on this list just as much as the people who voted us into it.

32. Monty Python's Flying Circus

The show that started a comedic and cultural revolution, Monty Python's Flying Circus was just that- a brilliantly absurd sideshow complete with Proust jokes, dangerous Grandmothers, and fruit as self-defense. There isn't a show on this list that isn't in some way indebted to the 5 Brits and 1 Yank who, together, changed the way we looked at comedy.

31. Reno 911

Set in The Biggest Little City In The World, Reno 911 follows Nevada's most inept and unprofessional police officers. Created by the same people who brought you, among other things, The State and Wet Hot American Summer, Reno 911 takes the already absurdly surreal "Cops" and adds some hot pants for good measure.