30. Tosh.0

Daniel Tosh took everyone's favorite pastime, making fun of internet videos, and put it on TV. He made a lot of money doing it. I bet you wish you had gotten your camera out now don't you?

29. Animaniacs

What happens when you put one of the most famous movie producers of our time in charge of a cartoon show? Animaniacs! Well that or Tiny Toons. The former follows the adventures of the Warner siblings and their pals as they get into all kinds of whacky stuff throughout the Warner Brothers Studio and poke some fun at established cartoon conventions.

28. Community

Creator Dan Harmon's well-crafted writing has helped make Community a favorite of comedy nerds, and the show features a resurgent Chevy Chase and American comedy's next big duo, Abed and Troy. What's more important to you? A good job and healthy salary or a bunch of misfit flunkies? This is the question Jeff Winger is faced with in Community, but thankfully for us, he chose the flunkies.

27. The Big Bang Theory

Everybody knows being a nerd is cool now. So put a few parts nerd with the requisite level of hot girl co-star and sprinkle a little dash of Chuck Lorre on top and Boom, recipe for instant TV success. The humor in the show's title is often underlooked, as it equates the chance meeting of an attractive and social female by a nerd to an astrophysical phenomenon, and I'm pretty sure that's true.

26. American Dad

The second animated child of Seth MacFarlane, American Dad takes some Family Guy humor and sprinkles it with a dash of politics. Although Stan and his family are not quite as random as Peter and Co, they do harbor an alien fugitive as well as a talking goldfish. At least Claus has a back story. We still have no idea how Brian can talk…

25. Pinky And The Brain

Pinky And The Brain is a heartwarming tale about dedication and perseverance. The two titular lab mice wake up every day with only one thing on their minds: trying to take over the world! Well, at least that is what is on the Brain's mind. Who knows what's rattling around in Pinky's head. Pinky and The Brain may never succeed in world domination, but at least they have each other, and tomorrow.

24. The Office (U.K.)

Responsible for the current trend in mockumentary style TV shows , this British sitcom has slowly been overshadowed by its American counterpart. That really doesn't matter as it's the original show that allows you to be a true TV snob with your friends as you confidently declare "Yea, the Office is OK, but the British Version is waay better."

23. My Name Is Earl

One of the more premise-driven shows on the list, My Name Is Earl follows a former criminal around as he tries to make amends for his past misdeeds in an attempt to restore his positive karma. Just because the show is centralized around a touching theme, doesn't mean it's not funny. As it turns out, redemption is a lot funnier than it sounds.

22. Late Night With Conan O'Brien

The fact that Conan is the only traditional late night talk show host in the top 50 of this list is a testament to how good Late Night really was during his tenure. Although this writer-turned-personality had a rocky start, after a few years Conan found his stride and now he has a freaking movement. Go Team Coco.

21. Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken offers a unique glimpse at what happens when comedy writers are left alone in a room with some action figures and sculpting clay. Put in some top-notch voice talent into that room and you have a hit. Robot Chicken also helped establish Seth Green as something other than Chris Griffin or Scott Evil.