10. Arrested Development

Widely touted as the most underrated show about cousin love ever, Arrested Development shows us that family ties are stronger than adultery, lost limbs, and never-nudes. While the show might just have been too good for TV, there is still hope for a movie. Until then all we're left with is our cornballers.

9. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

It's hard to believe that there was once a time that it wasn't cool to watch the news. The Daily Show changed all that. Current anchor Jon Stewart has been voted America's most trusted newscaster by Time magazine, and various correspondents on the show have gone to star in big time projects of their own (a few of which are on this list). Ladies and gentlemen, this is one fake news show that is the real deal.

8. Seinfeld

No blurb for you! Haha… No, but seriously… You knew you'd see it eventually, the show that proves it really is possible to make something out of "nothing". Seinfeld took all the funny little things about life, made them funnier, and revolutionized the sitcom by removing all those boring morals. Among Seinfeld's many accomplishments are 10 Emmys, 3 Golden Globes, and the re-introduction of the Today Sponge into popular culture.

7. Scrubs

A lot of people don't like hospitals. I bet those people would like hospitals a lot more if every hospital was like Sacred Heart. They'd probably be more sick, but I'm pretty sure someone said laughter is the best medicine, and Scrubs is pretty funny.

6. Saturday Night Live

Some shows are institutions; SNL is THE institution. In its three and a half decades in existence, this sketch show has launched more comedic superstars than any other show ever. Sure it's seen good years and bad years, but if you don't have at least one favorite SNL character or sketch then you might want to see a doctor, because you are incapable of laughing.

5. Family Guy

The King of the Cutaway, Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy is so funny that it played a joke on Fox by being canceled and making DVD money after the fact. Some people don't like the non sequitur style of the famous Family Guy gags, but those people just remind me of the time I was locked in a monkey cage in Venezuela with Gary Busey.

4. The Office

There's nothing like relaxing after a long day at the office by watching people in an office, and there's nothing more American than taking something from Britain and making it our own. The U.S. version of the The Office pays homage to the classic original, but ultimately finds its own voice, which is definitely a feat worthy of a seat so high on our list.

3. Futurama

Getting accidentally frozen cryogenic-style and waking up in a future where Katey Segal is a one eyed babe is every slacker's fantasy, and Futurama is the vehicle that lets us live that dream! I mean, who doesn't want to be best friends with a hard-drinking robot or have pets that poop dark matter? Yea the future sure does look great. Unless of course you live in New York… Enjoy your mutanthood…

2. South Park

Who knew that the crappy cardboard paper you used to play with in preschool could make you millions? Like The Simpsons before it, South Park showed us what animated humor could be if it were on cable. Barf humor and anal probes propelled the series (and its network) to super star status. We now live in a world where we can say "shit" on basic cable. South Park did that.

1. The Simpsons

The Simpsons has come a long way from its roots as a short on The Tracy Ullman Show, as it gears up to enter its 23rd season. This house of Homer is both an animation and comedy institution. In fact, The Simpsons was a major influence for most of the shows on this list. I mean, c'mon. How many shows have had a catchphrase included in the freaking dictionary?