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My roommate hates the smell of toothpaste, and she was dumb enough to confess this to me. In the middle of the night, every night, I can hear her scrubbing the bathroom sink because she can smell it from her bed, and it makes her nauseous. While she was at class last week, I rubbed toothpaste behind the headboard of her bed frame. She has taken three showers today because she thinks the smell is on her. Sweet dreams, bitch.
Emma M.

I have known my flatmate since we were 5 years old, having gone through school together when we left home to attend Uni I had no hesitation in sharing a flat with her. However, I found her to be a nightmare to live with, she is filthy and never cleans, I bought, cooked and tidied up after every meal for the first 3 months and she didn't say thank you once. One day I found a notebook of hers and opened it up – it was her diary. It is hilarious. She describes sexual encounters with all of her boyfriends in great detail and has a list of every guy she has dated/slept with and a description. She described one of her exes who she dated for over a year as 'possibly gay' I photographed it all and show it to out friends when she's not there and we all laugh at how retarded she is. Maybe if you weren't such a selfish bitch I wouldn't have done it.
Owen W.

So my roommate basically kicks me out of our room every weekend because her boyfirend comes up to visit. So during the week when she is in the shower I let all of our guy friends come into the room and steal all of her bras to put in the freezer. Of course she doesn't realize until the next morning so when she goes to get them they are obviously frozen. She's forced to go to her first class with a freezing cold thawing bra.
Samantha L

Hey Javon, you know how you smelled like shit all year and kept stealing from my wallet thinking I didn't know? Well, last time you decided to fuck with me, I left my laptop's webcam on and caught you on video stealing money from me. Enjoy getting arrested you dirty thieving bastard.
Jamie from NYU

A week before we were all due to finish and go off for the summer, me and my friend had a mock fight in his room, going so far as to actually use fake blood for a bleeding nose and let my friend basically beat the living shit out of me in front of them all. Our flatmates broke us apart and we proceed to spend the entire night telling them about how much we now hated each other (we are THE best of friends) and sprouting some crap story about cheating with girlfriends etc… later that night we prepare a little surprise for them, we cake his bedsheets with the same fake blood from earlier, and use a sack filled with fake blood to create a trail out into the kitchen with stands at the end of our hall. In the kitchen we set up an entire Dexter style execution area on the kitchen table; all rubber sheets and cling-film wrap. We douse this with a large amount of fake blood as well. The best part was the kitchen sink; we filled it with all manner of kitchen tools, knives, forks, cleavers and specialty filleting knives. All covered in blood. We hide out in my room till morning and wait for the hideous screams. We had to stop them before they tried ringing the police in the morning.

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