Not taking the easy way out is an admirable thing to do. An admirable thing to do that has a tendency to ruin your academic standing. Neglecting to hand in that paper on martyrdom is your cross to bear according to your academic advisor. But they have their hands full with other students and retirement plans right and won't have the time to really sit down and talk about it until Fall semester 2014. Your dedication to do what's right might impress some of your fellow classmates, but any respect garnered will inevitably be washed away when you have to take that job scrubbing the sweat stains out of the school's mascot costume to make up for all of the scholarship money you lost.

Best friends forever. Well, you might have been if they didn't come up for that one fateful weekend. It wont be your fault that they didn't have a good time, you'll be a different person than you were four-days earlier when you offered to show them what partying at your school was all about. It will be, however, your fault for not securing them a guest ID, parking pass, or decent place to sleep. The top of washing machine isn't very good for one's spine and definitely isn't good for one's friendship. The only thing you'll have a tougher time doing than explaining to your parents why it all ended is believing you almost went to State just so you could room together.

Telling someone how you feel about them is one of the hardest things in the world to do. It makes asking someone out on a date seem like speaking or making eye-contact. It's too bad you never worked up the nerve to do any of those things, or else you could have been Mr. or Mrs. Person Who Does That Cute Shoulder Tilt Thing When They Raise Their Hand. Sadly, because the right time never presented itself, and your voice sounds all phlegmy in the morning, you'll never know for sure. But hey, you still have your friendship. Albeit, a pending Facebook one.

As if dressing up in a cap and gown and be herded like cattle in brutally hot weather wasn't unpleasant enough, graduation also marks the end of what is arguably the most enjoyable experience of your entire life. Factor in boring speeches, annoying songs you'll never be able to get out of your head, and the burgeoning reality that you are going to have to pay back those student loans, and you've got yourself a pretty dreadful day.