1. Gums

    He's not gonna do it.

  2. Teeth

    Oh, he'll do it. What did it say on the calendar?

  3. Gums

    I don't know.

  4. Teeth

    Denial doesn't make things go away, gums. You're old enough to know that.

  5. Gums

    No, I seriously don't know. I can't see, remember?

  6. Teeth

    Oh, right. Eyes, what did it say?

  7. Eyes

    "Dentist appointment, 3 PM." Also, "Return The Blind Side."

  8. Ears

    Wait, why did we watch that again?

  9. Brain

    Shut up. It was touching.

  10. Teeth

    Guys, I like our three-hour discussions about The Blind Side as much as the next body part, but now isn't the time. We've got an appointment with the dentist in five hours, and what does he do every morning this happens?

  11. Gums

  12. Teeth

    He tries to make up for six months of forgetting that gums are a part of his body in one morning, exactly. And what does that mean he's going to do?

  13. Gums

  14. Teeth

    It means he's going to—

  15. Gums

    No! Don't say it!

  16. Teeth


  17. Gums

    NO! He wouldn't!

  18. Teeth

    He's reaching for it right now.

  19. Gums

    But it's just string! For the love of God, it's just string! How is rubbing it against me healthy? How?!

  20. Teeth

    If he doesn't do it now, the dentist is going to scold him. And what happens then?

  21. Brain

    We're six-years-old again, and Mrs. Balt is chiding us for not washing our hands in front of the whole class, and Jessica Peterson is there, and we're so embarrassed we have to throw a rock at her during freeze tag.

  22. Gums

    Ok, but still, I'll bet this time he's not going to do it. He's probably just picking up the floss to see how heavy it is and twirling it around his fingers to make them turn purple and OH GOD I'M BLEEDING! HE'S ONLY DONE THE SPACE IN BETWEEN THE TWO FRONT TEETH AND THERE'S ALREADY SO MUCH BLOOD!

  23. Ears

    You know what the problem with that movie is? It doesn't challenge the audience enough.

  24. Gums


  25. Penis

    Do you think we'll have the hot dental hygienist this time? I feel like I haven't gotten hard at the dentist's office in forever.

  26. Gums


  27. Brain

    Is that Aramaic? When did we learn Aramaic? I don't remember paying attention in World Religions.

  28. Gums


  29. Teeth

    Relax, gums. He's done.

  30. Gums

    …Ok…ok. Ok. I think…ok.

  31. Eyes

    Damn, this sink looks like a prop from The Shining.

  32. Ears

    The Shining! Now there's a movie that wasn't afraid to challenge its audience!

  33. Gums

    Oh, man that was rough. But it's all over, right?

  34. Teeth

    Well, yeah, until five hours from now when we go to the dentist's office and the same thing happens, only with a sharp metal probe instead of string.

  35. Gums

    Like I said, it's all over. Now, what's for breakfast?

  36. Tongue

    Cap'n Crunch. We're out of milk, though.

  37. Gums

    Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me.