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I'm one of 4 guys in an apartment, and we had to go potluck for our last room mate. The new guy isn't too bad, but he set up his 50" TV right in from of his bed in his room, and is always watching it. Always. He cranks the volume up to ear splitting levels and has a bad habit of leaving his room locked – TV on – while at class. Being a bored electrical engineer, I wired up one of those mini-remotes that can turn off TVs directly into the empty light switch outside his room. Whenever he's playing his TV too loud, I walk by, flip the light switch, and the remote does it's thing. Or when I'm bored, really. He gets so aggravated when he can't play Call of Duty that he starts screaming at the TV about "not working" and works himself into a rabid froth. So, he's going out to buy a newer, bigger TV, and I offered to buy his "broken" one off him. Something tells me he's going to be very interested in Walmart's return policy.
Richard LeDouche from UNC

My roommate a few weeks ago clogged our toilet with a ridiculous and copious amount of toilet paper. When my other roommate Kelton noticed, and warned the whole room not to flush, he went in and tried to unclog it, flooded the bathroom, and refused to clean it up. I had to clean up his TP and whatever else there was off of the floor. Now, he has some hard feelings about pranks, so I wanted to get him back in a way that he wouldn't freak out on. When he left the room, I went on his laptop and set the non-stop nyan cat page (www dot nyan dot cat) as a page that automatically opens on his web browser, without making it his home page. It's gone off a few times in his classes. And he thinks it a virus. It just goes to show that the littlest things can be the most effective.
Hank T. from Southeastern University

Every morning one of my suite mates goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth. After about 1 minute of brushing it sounds like he sticks the tooth brush down his throat because he gags twice then spits out a lugi. He needs to go back to the planet where he came from.
Tyler C.

Freshman year my boyfriend and I convinced my roommate that magnets don't work on refrigerators unless the refrigerator is plugged in. It's junior year, my freshman year roommate and I both have other roommates, but her kitchen's refrigerator still has no magnets because "what if there's a power outage and they all fall off?"

My mom told me this friend of hers need someone to housesit for a weekend and watch her dogs. I said I'd be able to do it, if my roommate come chill too, since he's pretty legit. So, we're over there just watching T.V when he pulls out a ziploc bag full of weed, and a pipe. We take the dogs outside and go pack the pipe. He leaves to go drain the main vein while Im outside. I finish the packing and leave the bag and dogs outside. We come outside a few minutes later and see the dogs freaking out, run around the yard and running into stuff. I didnt think anything of it and we start smoking. Later one dog pukes up a piece of plastic. Im thinking, oh sh*t. And start looking around for the bag. Its missing. My roommate asks where the bag is a little later so we can smoke some more. I told him that the dogs ate it. He just started stoned laughing. I dont think he took me seriously. Sorry bro, but your out of alot of cash right there.
Rhys N.

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