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One of my guy friends freshman year had a bad habit of trying to sneak up on me and scare me because I jump easily. What he didn't realize at the time, was that I was coming back to my room late at night because I had been at the taekwondo club practice. So one of my roommates let him in and he turned off all of the lights and waited just behind the door for when I came home. He jumped out and before I realized what I was doing, I roundhoused her in the stomach and threw him over my shoulder and out the door, and slammed the door behind me. My roommates couldn't stop laughing, so after they stopped recording what happened, they told me what had just happened and that I just took out our friend. I apologized, but I really didn't mean it. He definitely deserved it.
Jen S. from GWU

I'm a law student and I'm lucky enough to have my own apartment. However there is this D&D reject that I share a wall with who plays loud music late into the night. I couldn't stand it after a few weeks so I decided to get even. My complex has outside power conduits that are secured with padlocks. After consulting youtube and purchasing a lock pick set I have become very proficient at disabling the lock and pulling out the conduit that feeds power to his apartment. I set his "lights out time" at 11pm and this went on for a few weeks before his dumb ass finally figured out that his loss of power was somehow connected to the volume of his music. Now every night at 11pm he turns his music down.
J.S. from MSU

One day when I was out doing errands, I left my laptop open with my facebook page on the desktop. My roommate naturally wrote something really gay as my status. I spent awhile thinking about him and his habits and found the perfect way to get back. Everyday he has egg whites in his nasty ass protein shakes. They include walnuts and carrot juice, which to me, is nasty, but I digress. So I get home one night with a pretty decent buzz and he's not home! Time to get to work. I go to the fridge and pull out his 3-dozen carton of eggs and proceed to hard boil every single one of them, before placing the carton back in the fridge. Justice is a dish best served cold.
John G.

I lived with 3 other guys my sophmore year, but Junior year the school decided to have "cut backs" and stuff an extra person in each room. We got the freshman kid forced into our room. The truth is he was actually pretty cool, but just not "one of the guys". After about 3 weeks, we had enough and we came up with a scheme to get him to move out. We moved all the beds into the common room so we would "live like Chinamen" and use the 2 bedrooms for beer pong. He moved out less than a week later. The weird thing, We actually wound up keeping it because more pong is > normal amount of beer pong.
Stafferty The Ginger Barbarian from WCSU

My roommate is a fat slob who sits in his room and never cleans up anything, brags about how his parents are sooo rich, and likes to audibly jack off at night. He's also mildly lactose intolerant, so he started buying rice milk to drink instead of real milk. Two weeks ago he borrowed my $2000 bike without permission to get to class and ended up scratching the hell out of it (how this happened I have no clue, the fat bastard probably crashed it going down a curb or something). This was the final straw for me so I decided to get back at him. Now I use his rice milk for my cereal, and refill his container with real milk so he doesn't notice. Because of this he's is in intestinal agony every day, and I just sit and smile every time he eats his cereal. He's even started switching brands of rice milk because "the cheap crap isn't made organically so it's bad for my stomach." Have fun wasting your money and crapping your pants roomie!
Andrew D. from CSM

You want to fuck around with other guys as soon as I leave for my first semester at college? Go ahead. That's what happened, but I decided I was going to teach my (not yet ex-gf) a lesson. I went to her place and apologized for being so angry with her after I found out she fucked a buddy of mine (due to his ineptitude to keep his mouth shut). She believed me. Unfortunately, she also left her computer signed in to her school's internet-based class registration system, so when I got a free moment, I dropped her from all of her classes. After the drop date.
M.D. from CSU, Columbus GA

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