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My ex dumped me because "she was getting too clingy."

My girlfriend likes to "fluff" and then go "grazing" on my chest hair.

My girlfriend thought that ultra-violet light was actually called "ultra-violent" light because, well, you know, it gives you sunburns and skin cancer.
Alex B

My girlfriend broke up with me when she found out I had sex with my ex before we started going out.

My boyfriend likes to pluck my eyebrows.
Kate T.

My boyfriend and I will entertain ourselves by having silly talks about how and why we're gonna get divorced in the future.
Chizuru M

Gryffindor has finally been awarded 10 points for the very first time!

Every time my husband and I take a shower together he always pretends tries to put his penis in my belly button, he pretends its a hole that we would use for sex. He thinks its hilarious.

I was just in the shower with my girlfriend and she told me my penis reminds her of Dr. Zoidberg.
Nate G

One night while having sex with my girlfriend, me on top, she farted, let out a tiny laugh, then asked, "Did that tickle your balls?" Chicks, man.

I look forward to my girlfriend's period each month, because she always demands chocolate and makes me eat it with her so she won't, "feel like a fattycakes."

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