Who Brought It: Slightly Infirm Great Aunt

Why They Brought It: She can't really be trusted with an oven anymore, bless her heart.

What Else They Brought: A general reminder that death comes for us all.

Secret Ingredient: Oh god is that cat hair?

Who Brought It: Weird Uncle

Why They Brought It: Honestly it's a miracle he brought anything.

What Else They Brought: His way-too-young girlfriend.

Secret Ingredient: Secret flask full of salsa.

Who Brought It: The Unemployed, No-Longer-That-Recently-Graduated Cousin

Why They Brought It: His mom asked him to. Forty-three times.

What Else They Brought: Laundry, questions about how important health insurance really is.

Secret Ingredient: Disappointment.

Who Brought It: Unemployed Cousin's Girlfriend Whose Name No One Can Remember

Why They Brought It: Her boyfriend's mom asked her to, as a test.

What Else They Brought: Surprise pregnancy announcement, whipped cream.

Secret Ingredient: Too much cinnamon for my taste, but I suppose some people might like it.

Who Brought It: The Overly Judgemental Aunt

Why They Brought It: Just in case her son's girlfriend's pie doesn't turn out right.

What Else They Brought: The pecan pie she said she'd make.

Secret Ingredient: If she told you, it wouldn't be much of a secret. See? You're not the only funny one in this family.