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My roommate is a freeloading bitch who is too lazy to get off his ass and do any real work. He consistently has been pissing me off with all his dumb antics and likes to criticize everything I do. Today, he told me that they way I filled the ice cube trays was wrong. So I waited till he got back with all his groceries, stocked the freezer, and then went to go take a nap. I proceeded to empty all his stuff out of the freezer and pour a nice layer of water on the bottom of the freezer floor. I placed a layer of his stuff back in, and then poured water of that stuff as well. After finally putting all his stuff in, the bottom layer was already freezing over nicely. I will enjoy watching him trying to pry the frozen pizza boxes from the freezer walls.
Danny D.

My best guy friend was being a jerk to me because he would never want to do anything with me unless it suited him, it benefited him, and was on his schedule. He would sit in his apartment all day playing video games (and even if I was over he would and not even do multi player so I could play) but when I asked to hang out and do something he said he had a ton of papers due. He also hated anything that smelled girly because it "took away his male smell" (he was allergic to most girl soaps and such) so one day after being blown off again I went back to my apartment and saw I had 3 jackets I had borrowed from him when I forgot mine. I then proceeded to rub very girly smelling lotion into his jackets and then spray them with perfume. When I went to return them I then proceeded to spray down his bed with more perfume when he wasn't looking. I blamed the jackets on my roommate and her soap and said it had rubbed off onto the bed. For a week all his friends said he smelled like a girl and got laughed at plus his allergies acted up so girls didn't find the runny nose all that great. Goes to show you need to be a good friend and don't piss off a girl!
K.A. from Azusa Pacific

So, prior to the one of the football games, they were passing out cologne samples, and, for some reason, I wound up with 12 or 13 of them. My buddies and I decided to concentrate all of these samples into a water bottle, dubbed the Bro-Bomb. After months of not knowing what to do with it, we finally dumped it into an annoying roommate's air vent, and it has smelled bro-tastic ever since!
Dan B. from Texas A&M

We have a landline in our dormroom and it is about 1 number off from what seems to be a popular Honda dealership or Honda service company. The first few times we got wrong numbered we politely told them they had the wrong number; after a while though, we started to get creative. Now when people call the phone (no one has the number besides the people trying to call the Honda place) we answer the phone as the Honda store. After staying on the line for several minutes with our customer, and after having transferred them between friends and put them on hold we ask them to call back shortly. We're not mean enough (yet) to fully deal with their car troubles and lead them to think they are solved, so when they call back we politely inform them of their wrong number so they call the real honda store to finally adress their issues.
Not The Honda Dealership from University of Michigan

My roommate and I decided to let our neighbor move in and get a 3 bedroom because it would cheaper. She had a nice small dog – that I said could move with her but it could NOT sit on my couch. She allowed that damn dog to nest on the couch and it had a bad habit of "licking" the couch, producing a round circular spit spot on my suede couch. Well everyday when I came home that dog had PISSED on the couch. When I told her the dog peed she said, "Oh, it's just licking." Um, no I know what piss smells like. So if it's just water she won't mind that I used her tooth brush to scrub it clean, every time, for about 4 months. It's just dog slober, right?
B.F.I. Luceille from Ohio State

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