My school is currently experiencing some racial turmoil over a "South of the Border" theme party.  Both Hispanic and non-Hispanic students alike organized a march to protest the offensive party and teachers have devoted class time to talking about the issue.  But was it really that bad?  I mean, come on, really?  I contend that there could have been far more controversial parties that went on.  Parties such as…

White Middle Class Party – I for one would have been very offended if someone threw a party in which the dress code was polos and jeans (or khaki shorts, depending on the weather) in order to mock my lifestyle.  I would not have been able to bear the sight of people walking around in Le Tigres and Levis listening to the Dave Matthews Band thinking that is what all white kids do.  Sometimes we wear Ralph Lauren polos with Abercrombie jeans and listen to O.A.R.

Vampire Dance Party - It is in such poor taste to mock the living dead by portraying them all as blood-sucking creatures of the night who engage in techno-fueled orgies.  Many of them are respectable members of society who don't cavort about in black leather sucking blood from unsuspecting strangers.  All it takes is a popular movie like Blade to make people think that all vampires are ruthless blood-suckers that can tolertate Stephen Dorff.  Coinicidentally, there is one of these parties scheduled at my school for next week.

Nazi Party – Seriously guys, this just isn't cool.  A lot of people died because of them.  Like, seriously, a lot.  Why would you even think that's the least bit funny?  And where would you even find uniforms that resemble SS uniforms?  Oh, you found a place?  How much?  That's pretty reasonable…well, how much is a keg of cheap German beer?  Wow, that's not bad either.   And that would give me an excuse to wear my black boots…OK, sure, sounds good guys.  How about next Friday at my place?  Shotgun Hitler!