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My roommate Is a sloppy pig. All she does is make messes and sits in it. I do all the cleaning dishes and buy all the food. One day i got fed up with it, so when I bought a pizza, I took my slices then I scratched my head till a crap load of my dandruff was all over the rest of the pie. Hope you like the extra topping!
Kyle Gilmore

Hey Nicole, you know how every time I try to have a conversation with you, you bitch me out? We'll now I'm taking the passive aggessive approach and it's awesome. Whenever you say something obnoxious, I spit in your shoes. It's too bad your insane control problems have instilled your phobia of salvia.
Jen H from Hofstra University

My friends in highschool thought itd be real funny to put a frozen road-killed skunk under my porch on Halloween night because I didnt feel like going out with them. My house was rank for about two months considering it took about three weeks to locate the source. One of their mom's accidentally turned them in when asking why her van smelled like skunk. Paybacks a bitch. Hope you enjoyed the pack of fish I hid under your firebird seat while you were in class all day and it was 95 degrees outside.
Nathan Hale

My roommate would always throw laundry detergent at me in the showers. So, to get some pay back I went out and got plastic cups and 100s of condoms. Me and a few buddies proceeded to fill the condoms with water and place them allover his bed… 100's of them covering his bed.. and made it look normal with a sheet on it. Then with the cups we filled them with water and inverted them on his table and window sill, making it impossible to take them off without getting everything wet. Then to scare him we put an inverted cup with a water filled condom on the top of his laptop. Then added the final touch with a few cups leaning on his door. Let's just say a war ensued after that.
Anonymous Anonymous

This isn't my roommates, but the suitemates next door. I got some stereotypical freshmen guys: horny, thinking they'l ace all their classes, those morons. Everyday, on their whiteboard, there'd be something like "we're so hot" or "pants are optional", thinking it'd get them ass. So I put underneath, "I'm interested ;) sam (floor and room #)" I can hear them arguing now who it's for and now the place smells like Axe. I wonder if I should tell them Sam is a big 6'4 chubby senior?
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