(917): What are you doing after work? Want to grab dinner?(646): Dinner's not really in the budget, feel free to come over and hang out though(917): Great, I'll pick up some PBR's on the way over, still have birthday money from my grandma

(914): What happened to you last night?(917): Happened? Nothing, I fell asleep at like 8:30(914): I thought you'd have a more exciting story after you stopped responding to me

(646): Want to wander around Whole Foods and see how many free samples we can eat?(917): I thought you'd never ask

(917): I'm so happy I'm not a vegan anymore(631): You didn't even last 24 hours

(631): Did he text you back yet?(917): No

(917): Uh oh, mom's calling again. You know what that means!(631): Time to go home.

(646): I'm too lazy to make dinner(917): Get delivery(646): That would require me getting out of bed to open the door for the delivery man

(917): How late did you end up staying out last night?

(631): 1:30, this body ain't what it used to be

(917): A homeless man called me sexy today(631): Don't tell me that was the highlight of your day(917): I mean …(631): He wanted your money…I'm not discussing this matter any further

(631): Aly McBeal is now on Netflix instant watch(917): Walk down memory road(631): If you don't see me this weekend, blame Netflix