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Once my Philosophy teacher said air conditioning causes global warming because they "steal the fresh from outside."
Matheus Fernandes

My mother was very concerned my young cousins had watched the trailer for the "human caterpillar."
katherine berry

Every time my mom sends me an email she yells upstairs to "see if I got it."
Justin M

My mom gets super annoyed when people use Google to look up phone numbers. She doesn't understand why they can't just learn how to use a phone book.

A while back, I taught my mom how to insert her digital camera's memory card into her printer so that she could put the files on her computer. One day, I got a phone call from her in a flustered rage because the photos weren't showing up on Facebook. I asked her when she uploaded them to Facebook. She said "The other day when you were here you showed me how to take the files off the camera's memory card. I did that after you left, but they never went up on Facebook." That's when I realized… my mom thinks her computer is nothing but Facebook. I have since written her step by step instructions on how to go from memory card, to computer, to Facebook. She still makes me come over to help her.
Desiree May

A couple of years ago, I was sent by the Employment office to a requalification training course Computer Graphics and Design. As a part of the course I was obliged to start with a module Computer Literacy 101. Apart from the few requalification trainees, the students were much older guys. One of them bring a slide rule for his first day, and in spite of never having an opportunity to use it, he kept bringing it and meticulously arranging it on his deck every day.

But the most unforgettable moment came when the lecturer made us begin with introducing ourselves by answering the questions "Why I decided to take Computer Literacy 101" and "What's my experience with computers". "I didn't want to come" – one women said – "My family made me". "And what's your experience with computers?" – the lecturer asked. "I clean up after my kids" – she replied. The lecturer asked her to clarify and she continued: "Well, my husband and my children use the computer and leave it a mess. There are some pictures and stuff all over the place – so I clean it after them".
Cory Malone

Every Skype video call with my mother starts the same. She screams in terror: "I can't see you! I can't see you!" because it takes a few seconds before the video starts. After the video's magical and totally unexpected appearance, it's time for the next part. My mom says: "Wait till I close my windows" (she's been surfing and has open tabs). Half a minute of silence follows while she closes her tabs with great concentration – it's apparently impossible to talk while doing that. Or to have a video call while having open tabs in your browser, for that matter.
Cory Malone

My dad tells me that Internet Explorer is "the real Internet" and insists that I have it on my computer so that if he ever needs to use my computer, he can browse with Internet Explorer, because he refuses to use any other browser.
Alexis M. from University of Maryland, College Park

The professor who came to teach us how to use the school library's search functions was unable to find the search box on the library's webpage, even with 100 students pointing to it and shouting directions.
D K from UofL

My dad's friend saw me playing Skyrim on my laptop and asked me what video I was watching. When I told her it was a game she insisted that it couldn't be because it was in 3-D.
Anonymous Anonymous

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