Parties: how to kinda nod and look at your phone so everyone just thinks your friends haven't show up yet.

Showing up on time to parties: Why you don't do it.

When the proper time to talk about your band is and how that time is never.

Modern Warfare

"Hold me back bro!" How to yell this in a way that implies that if your bros weren't holding you back, oh man, it would go down.

"Yeah? Come at me bro!" Perquisite: No fewer than four (4) popped collars.

The game Modern Warfare.

Ethnic Studies

Puerto-Rican girls and why they aren't returning your texts.

Being Canadian and why that doesn't means you're ethnic, Dwayne.

Seriously, Dwayne. At least stop saying the N word.

Creative Writing

Tweeting jokes about dead celebrities: why you should wait, like, ten minutes, guys.

How to write an essay of an email asking for an extension on your essay.

How to text a girl at 11:30 PM on a Tuesday to invite her to come by and "chill" and to get away with it.

Women's Studies

Flirting: what it is, and why your waitress isn't doing it.

Feminism 101: Why saying you're taking a class on Feminism to try to get chicks is terrible, ineffective.

Independent "study" online. Lock your door.

Dance 101

Swaying in the back like an idiot: how we all do it.

Dubstep Dancing 101: Quitting while you're ahead.

The girl circle and how to conquer it. Note: Class graded as Pass/Epic Fail


It's the third date and she's a six who has had two drinks. What base can you expect to reach?

"She was a seven dude. At least a six. These…these must be bad pictures."-How alcohol has the power to change number rankings. Find the formula!

Find how to calculate what percentage of your tuition is spent on naps.