David Young
I resolve to stop spoiling TV shows for people. Like, there's no reason I need to tell anyone that this season of Dexter ended with his sister catching him in the middle of a killing. Oops.
Jeff Rosenberg
I resolve to find someone worthy of a human sacrifice. That's the only way the Mayan Gods will spare me when the world ends on December 21, 2012.
Marina Cockenberg
Yooooo Suze, just got the resolutions email. I think my real resolution is going to be to stop sleeping with coworkers (FOR REAL THIS TIME haha), but can you just make something up for me about corgis or tweeting or something? I'm super busy today. Thanks gurl! – Rina
Tom Philip
To not fulfill my 2012 resolution. Hooray! / Damn!
Dan Gurewitch
I resolve to stop introducing myself three sentences too late. It's a bad habit that makes me sound like I'm narrating an infomercial, so it's time I made a change. Hi, I'm Dan Gurewitch.
Jeff Rubin
This year I'm going to learn how to recite the alphabet without singing it. The only part that's still giving me trouble is LMNOP.
Jesse Eisemann
I resolve to suit pooling, frink jers, and reprogram my phone's T9.
Chase Mitchell
I promise to disband my international heroin cartel as soon as I have enough money to pay for my baby sister's brain surgery and to stop lying to make my life sound more interesting.
Caldwell Tanner
I resolve to paint with all the colors of the wind.