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I work in a grocery store deli. One day, I was waiting on a very friendly and chatty customer who I had never met before. As she starts leaving, she asks my name and says that someday she's going to name one of her cats after me.
Maria R

I was holiday help at Target as a cashier once, and naturally I had a lot of crazies. But the absolute worst customer I ever had was on my last night. An older woman came through and paid in cash, and her change was $3. Well I only had 2 dollar bills left in my register, and I had sent out a request for more about a half hour ago but, being the holidays, the store was crazy busy so none of the managers had made it over yet. So I gave the woman the 2 dollar bills and four quarters, politely explaining the situation and apologizing for the inconvience. Well this woman had a spaz attack. She stared at me with the most shocked look on her face, then started flipping out screaming, yelling "I'm NEVER coming back here AGAIN this is SO unsatisfactory!!" over and over, and told me that I should've waited for my manager to come over. But busy as it was I had an entire lane full of people, all staring in shock at this psychopath. Sorry lady, but there's no way I was gonna hold up the whole store just so you can have a bill. Never working at Target again.
Katie Sayles

I work as an IT guy for the psychology department. One day when I'm working, a TA comes running into my office begging for help in his classroom. When I get to the classroom I see 200 students waiting to take an exam and three panicking TAs at the front of the classroom crowded around the computer. They needed the projector for the exam and couldn't start without it.The issue? The computer needed to be turned on.
Kyle K

I used to work in McDonalds in a pretty scummy part of the UK. One particularly busy Saturday a male customer walked and proceeded to take a dump in the kid's eating area.As if this wasn't bad enough, the person on cleaning duty picked it up and attempted to carry it through the kitchen.
Unsatisfied Employee

I work at a resort in the mountains in NC and we have a very small ski hill with 2 runs. On the east coast we had a very unusually warm December which hasn't allowed us to make hardly any snow and definitely not enough to be even close to being open. As a manager, I have been chewed and cussed out at least 9 times so far by guests at the resort because they planned their trip around being able to ski. Just because you're from Florida and 40 degrees is cold to you, doesn't mean it's cold enough to make snow. Also, I do not have a direct line to The Almighty to have him lower the temperature, because if I did I wouldn't be working here. So stop yelling at my staff and making them cry because we can't control the weather.
Paul Young

I used to have a part time job at a coffee house, which had free wireless internet. People would come in and chill with their laptops for hours. This presented an obvious issue with certain people using the internet for wicked, wicked business. Occasionally I'd see people walk into the bathroom with their laptops. I'd usually lie to myself, pretending they were only taking it in there so no one would swipe it from a table. Once however, while one of our usual customers was in the restroom with his laptop, another man walked over and opened the door. He immediately slammed the door, turned to me and said "Hey there's a naked guy masturbating in there". Seconds later the man bolted out of the bathroom with his laptop, barely managing to keep his pants up as he fled. I never saw him again. Oh, and he left his laptop charging cable.
Matt S

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