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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

For Christmas this year, my dad received an ipad. For reasons no one in my family understands, he refers to it as an "iscratch" or "the kindle."
Claire M from W&M

I recently demonstrated the wonders of copy and paste to my mother. Her response: "It's a wonder what they can do with computers these days!"
David Forrester from University of Ottawa, Canada

I just showed my dad the correct way to hold a N64 controller.
Kenny linnemann from nku

My mothers boyfriend thinks YouTube is a band.
John Jackson

The other day one of my cousins posted a photo of my late grandmother wearing a wig and tagged most members of the family to remember her, one of my aunts however kept asking who was that woman, we all insisted it was grandma, but she didn't recognize her that well because of the wig, finally the only logical conclusion my aunt came to was that hackers got into grandma's house, stole her photo, scanned it and posted it on the internet on my cousins wall to scam us. She warned everyone of the tagged ones to not look at the photo to protect grandma's identity.
Aleida Renteria

My mother recently got an iPhone, and after getting it out of the box, started complaining that it was an "Already broken piece of technological shit". I told her she had to take the plastic coating with the pictures of the Apps off the screen and turn it on.
Vahnyah Rotar

I spend an unbelievable amount of time trying to talk my parents through how to either unmute their cell phone ringers or how to unlock the keys. A feature that I set up to happen automatically after 15 idle seconds because they would constantly pocket dial me. Their call history indicating a call to me they don't remember means a second, now intentional, call asking me to remind them of what we talked about earlier. The pocket dialing situation doesn't sink in and the information is always met with a brief moment of near panic that someone has "hacked" into their cell phone and not only probably making expensive long distance calls but are obviously calling me in an effort to locate me and then do do some sort of physical harm to me involving ATM machines at night for some reason, all because they are sure neither of them called me yesterday. In fact, the cell phone was in dads pants pocket the entire 3 hours at the doctors office and was dropped right back into the little basket on the kitchen counter when they got back home. Most visits to their house also involve some amount of time fixing their ongoing internet connectivity issues. The ones that have, of course, led to their serial ISP switching and this leads directly to my dad's declaration that the problem is that all the installers are idiots that don't know what they are doing and young people have no work ethic statement and this seems to be some sort of pre-planned que for Mom to sigh deeply, shake her head and folding the dish towel she's been holding. During my latest visit I couldn't connect my iPad to their wifi and when I asked them about it, I was immediately sorry I had and then I was told that it had never worked since the day they installed it, and it in fact had, oddly, stopped working basically as soon as the installer left but after many frustrating calls to customer service Mom says their service provider "has sent them a new modem, that they don't know what to do with..maybe I could take a look before I left?"
Ivy K.

The last time I was at my dad's house, he spent a solid ten minutes lecturing me on safety after I left my laptop charging on the living room couch. This is a grown, middle-aged man, with a Ph.D. and a patent on half the cleaning supplies you own, trying and failing to explain to me how my laptop can set the house on fire and kill us all in our sleep.

Then again, it is a Dell…
Josh Gore from Savannah College of Art and Design

My mom took me to the airport in her brand new car the other day. While driving, she was eating oatmeal she brought with her from home, using the GPS on her phone to find the way, and practicing French with books on tape.

Her last car survived running over an alligator, hitting a deer at 75 MPH, and various lamp posts, curbs, and bikers. It did not survive the RV wreck, however.

She says her insurance company screwed her by not paying for the new car.
Missy R

My mom asked me for help tonight with a People magazine crossword puzzle. Because my mother reads People magazine, you'd assume that she has some knowledge of celebrities, but she was super stuck on several words centered around the three-letter clue: "Rap's Dr."

The reason she was stuck so bad was that she'd filled it as Dr. Dog. Upon further questioning, it was discovered that she believed Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, T-Pain, the Wu-Tang Clan ("Those Whoop Tang guys!"), and Vanilla Ice were essentially the same person or at least in the same band. Also, Katie Perry is Nicki Minaj and possibly Queen Latifah.
Caitlin M. from Notre Dame

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