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I work at Petsmart and we allow people to bring in their pets while they shop. We get mostly dogs and very often to do their business all over the floor. Most people clean it up but once and awhile you'll get the people that will just leave it there for us to clean up. So one day I noticed some dog poop and as I was going to clean it up I had to stop and jump on the registers. Once my line was gone I was going to go clean up the mess. I grabbed the supplies and as I was heading over there I noticed a customer see the poop. Instead of pushing their cart around it, they aimed their cart and ran right through it. This ground the poop into the floor and left a nice streak all the way down the aisle. Seriously, wtf.
Lauren K.

Today, during an important meeting in my seriously shabby office, one of my coworkers noticed that there were a large number of very horny pigeons sitting just outside the window (in our plant boxes). They were majorly disturbing, so each time a pair started going at it, someone would throw a book at them and they would fly away. Unfortunately, one he-pigeon was spooked into dismounting a leetle too early. So, I spent half an hour leaning out of the tenth floor of my building, cleaning up pigeon spunk.
Anna Rose

My boss just sent me this skype message:'Oh that's too bad. I always find that a dollop of that original source mint shower gel on each of her nipples does a treat.'
Anna Rose

I started a job at a very high end shop, and it happened to be Friday the 13th. I started at 7 and at 9:30 I had my first smoke. I ashed it and threw it in a small garbage can. It was full, so I took it out to the dumpster. Appearantly the cigarette still had some heat to it and it lit of something causing the oil in the dumpster to catch on fire. I did not lie and said it was my fault. I was asked to leave a 10 am, resulting in my shortest term of employment ever.
Ian Slater

I work as a telemarketer for the school, calling alumni and asking for donations. It never ceases to amaze me how easily some people give up personal information. I've been told quite a few things, not the least of which was the woman who told me her daughter dropped out because her daughter was a whore, got pregnant her first few months there, and now attends the local community college.

Oh, and she had a 15 minute conversation with me about that before she decided to not donate.

I used to work as an IT specialist at my high school. One time I went to fix a cd drive that "wouldn't work". I walked in, turned the CD to the correct side (so that the label was face up), and walked out without saying a word. The class laughed, the teacher called my boss to complain that I made her look like an idiot.

Sorry, but I think you did that yourself.
Dylan B

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