Drugs are a terrible thing. Even at a young age, I learned about the horrible things that they can do to your mind and body. I have an Uncle who once smoked marijuana, and now his son's deaf.

When I was a kid I was often tempted to do drugs. I tried everything to stay away- school, sports, and even girls, but the pressure to use was too great. Once, in the 10th Grade, I got drunk and smoked marijuana at a beer party. I made lots of friends that night and even had sex with a girl. The next morning I felt horrible; I couldn't believe what I had become… a drug user.

I knew that I needed to make quick changes in my life if I wanted to avoid becoming a homeless person or a musician. Luckily, my neighbor introduced me to the one thing that could keep me off drugs forever… heroin.

Heroin became my anti-drug. Once I got on heroin it was like I didn't even want to use drugs. I didn't need to get high because I already felt so great… from the heroin.

In a lot of ways heroin saved my life. A few of my friends kept smoking weed, and sometimes they tried to get me to join in, but heroin gave me the strength to say no.

Heroin has helped my family life too, When my mom caught me stealing money from her purse, to get more heroin, I felt so good that I didn't even care. I was kicked out of my house for two months after that, but thanks to heroin I made it out ok.

Heroin has helped me conquer some of my fears too, like needles. I used to be terrified of getting shots at the doctor's office; without heroin I never would have overcome that fear. I also used to get really upset when I got bad grades in school, but now I get bad grades all the time, and I don't even care.

I often hear about young kids who are using drugs, and it makes me so sad. Two days ago I saw a kid smoking a cigarette. What's next? Beer? Why doesn't anyone talk to these kids about heroin? I know people who smoke weed and drink beer, sometimes every week. I used to be one of those people, until I discovered the little white powder that led me to sobriety. I have used heroin almost every single day, usually a couple times a day, for the last two years, and not once have I felt like I needed to do drugs. Sobriety is a lot easier to handle when you're on a ton of heroin.

I can't imagine what my life would be like without heroin. Last week I ran out of money, and had to go a day without using heroin. I felt so sick. It's unbelievable to me that that's how I felt everyday before I started to use heroin.

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