Driving at 4 A.M.
How trend will manifest: extremely early arrival to college classes to beat the
morning rush hour traffic.

How trend will manifest: school parking lots packed with rigs.

Wife beating
How trend will manifest: Couples in college who follow trend will arrive at their
boyfriend/girlfriend's dorm drunk and belligerent and beat the hell out
of him/her because he/she's so in love and it's for his/her own good.

Tan on one-arm
How trend will manifest: sun tanning will be done with a wool lumberjack shirt over the entire body except the left arm.

How trend will manifest: staunch conservative values, racism, homophobia, and love for sex with manly women.

How trend will manifest: no changes.

Affinity for bad country music
How trend will manifest: Family Values Tour and Vans Warped Tour will be stocked with Toby Keith, _______, and Garth Brooks tribute bands.

How trend will manifest: Professors whose teachings disagree with the message of Jesus Christ, the students' Lord and savior, will find "a hole right up in that there asshole in th' name o' Jesus."

Illegitimate children
How trend will manifest: At various stops between dorm and class, truckers will have tried to settle down and start a family, but when it doesn't work out, they take to the road between their dorm and class again.

Lack of dental care
How trend will manifest: Addiction to chewing tobacco, eating, and living a life on the road will leave molars with new "cool" look.

The movie Breakdown
How trend will manifest: Regularly picked-up hitchhikers will endure the driver telling a long story about a friend who went crazy and kidnapped tourists' wives, trying to pass off the movie Breakdown as a true story that happened to someone he knew.

Help or hatred, with no middle ground, towards Mexicans
How trend will manifest: Students will either load their semis (see above) with border-crossing Mexicans, or they will take their shotguns (see above) and take part in their own vigilante border control before heading to class.

Public showering houses
How trend will manifest: Students will insist on group showers at the school since they traveled there at 4 A.M., then slept until their class, to beat the traffic.

Abducting hitchhikers
How trend will manifest: Not very different from the obsession with the movie Breakdown" just a little more serious.

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