-A few days ago, there was a debacle here when a young man from Penn State plagiarized one of my columns (The Ten Commandments of College). Collegehumor.com and Steve Hofstetter, lovely parental figures that they are, rushed to my assistance and took swift action against the Penn State Daily Collegian. The writer was fired by his editor, Lynn Funk, and an apology was written to myself and collegehumor.com, so the whole ugly incident is dead and gone. However, it is not over for me.

-Since this little incident occurred I have had many people come to my defense and offer their support for protecting my work. Naturally I was overjoyed by all of this, but then there were other people. These people seem to have gone through every issue I have ever written and try to find things that I have pilfered from other writers.

-First, one of my subscribers pointed out that an article I wrote ("I Wish I Had a Nickname") sounded a lot like a front page update done by James Girvin called "Poop the Goldfish; A Eulogy." (very funny) I gave that update another read and found one part that was similar.