Bad Term Papers

Todd Solomon
Mrs. Heartworth
5th Grade History
8th period

The Renisonse

For a long long time pepul were reel stooped. They used to like killing eechother and eating meat and wearing fur and armur. That was called the dark ages or the mid evil times. Thats when there were nights. I went to mid evil times for my brothers birthday party. It was fun. But then this thing came called the renisonse and pepul got real smart.

The renisonse started in iTally becuz they were the smartest after Americans who wernt there yet. It is really hot in itally and my dad went there for biznes last year and he said it wuz really hot there when he went for biznes lasy year. They all had fun hats and thawt about stuff. After a long time thinking about stuff they started to have a renisonse.

Becuz they were itallyan they were all good at paintings. The to best painters there were called Lenardo davinchi and this guy called rafiel. They painted about jesus and my mom read this book about davichi where she said it was about this guy who wants to solve a mistery about jesus or something. But they wernt just painters: they were good at everything which is why they called them renisonse men.

My dad says hes a renisonse men becuz he can fix stuff and he knows how to play the pyano. But the renisonse was about more than playing pyano and painting, it was also about not going to church:, people didunt like god anymore so they never went to church. They said that sience was way better than god and are all in hell now. I go to church every Sunday with my mom but my dads jewisch so we go to his church on yum kipor.

The renisonse happened a long time ago but it still happens today. They made a lot of cool stuff like buildings and stuff and then went to hell becuz they hated god. Im glad that I dont live in the renisonce because Fathur O Conner says that hell is bad and I shoudnt go there.

By Todd Solomon