It's been over a week. You still haven't checked out my webcam. Is it something I did? I sent you that instant message. You never did click my link. Are you blocking me? I wasn't lying when I said I wanted you to check out my pix; I honestly value your feedback.

Fine. Be that way. I should have seen this coming when you didn't respond to my e-mail about cheap Canadian Viagra. Where I come from, "Cialis $$5$$ a PILL" isn't deleted like common trash. If I didn't love you, "4: replica watches :: rolex replicas :: fake watches :: $39" would cost much, much more. E-mail might be passive, but I just don't know how to reach out to you. Maybe my mother was right.

I even had my friends in Nigeria contact you about several exciting financial opportunities. Did you send him the money? Did you even reply? No, you didn't. What kind of a Sir or Madam are you anyway? Certainly not one who will save his exiled majesty the Prince.

When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a surgeon. While the other children were busy playing house and monopoly, I was dissecting pig feti and memorizing the bones of the foot. Then one day at Oxford I put down my scalpel; I had found my true calling. At first it started with SexyBabe4U000001. Then SexyBabe4U000002. The rest, as they say, is history. Now look where I am. Several years later: SexyBabe4U746210. My mom thinks I still teach preschool.

Maybe I did it for the glory. Or the attention. When I was seven, both my grandparents died in a tragic chat room accident. Maybe I do it preserve their memory. Or maybe it's for the glory.

OK. I'll admit. I've been" this is just so hard to tell you. I've been IMing other guys. Thousands, actually. Girls, too. I know what you must be thinking to yourself: "I'm not special." But you are special. You're you. I tell all my friends that you're The One. BigB00bs395354 agrees. And she never likes any of the guys I randomly communicate with. I love you. No emoticon could express how I feel. Except maybe :). Yeah, that's it. :)

WHY WON'T YOU TALK TO ME???? I know you think I'm being forward, but I really CAN get you the best mortgage rates. Especially if we move in together. Soon. I know we're not there yet. But maybe in a few years, yeah? I was thinking "Adam" if it's a boy. Or "SexyToddler927" if it's a girl.

Have you seen "Walk the Line" yet? I heard that's good. Let me know if you're free. Ok? I'll be here. At my webcam. Putting celebrities' heads on my naked body. Do you like Alyssa Milano? Talk to me. I :) you.

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