10 LastMinute Halloween Costumes - Binder Full of Women

What You'll Need:-2 pieces of posterboard-Twine-A vagina

How to sell it: -Be a qualified woman in need of a job-Probably don't get the job

ironic ghost
What you need: -Bed sheet-Scissors

How to sell it: -Say, "Boo," once, without any enthusiasm-Make it clear that you know your costume is clich├ęd and shitty

romney boys

What you need: -Khakis and a button up shirt-Four guy friends who also have khakis and button up shirts-For all of you to be white

How to sell it:-Mock the 99% of costumes that aren't awesome like you

undecided voter

What you need: -Nothing

How to sell it:-Avoid all newspapers and intelligent conversations, seem incredulous that it's actually Halloween

10 LastMinute Halloween Costumes - Bruce Banner

What you need: -Regular, schlubby clothes, and the patience to explain your costume all night-Glasses

How to sell it: -Get belligerently drunk and shout, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," over and over -Ignore the fact that everyone doesn't like you already because you chose a lame costume