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THIS ISSUE Three easy facts to help you make some sense of what's developing in America's most 420-friendly states.

Fact #1: Voters in the states of Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

Colorado's Amendment 64 and Washington's Initiative 502 both passed by wide margins (unlike a similar measure in Oregon), and in Colorado more voters were into pot smoker freedom than reelecting President Obama.

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These votes are part of an ongoingly RAD trend in Washington and Colorado. Both states already allowed the medicinal use of marijuana, Seattle citizens hold an annual Hempfest and voted to make marijuana busts the police's lowest priority. And ski towns like Breckenridge, CO voted (symbolically) to legalize it…although you're still not allowed to ski high.

The rest of the country's easing up too. There were already 17 states allowing medical marijuana, and Massachusetts voters just passed an initiative making their state the 18th, which means you can now get a California-style "insomnia cure" while surrounded by Massholes.