You know Tom Hanks rules, it's just a fact of life like plants needing water or your aunt being drunk at Thanksgiving. That's why during this grateful season we've gotta give thanks to the Hanks. Here's 13 reasons to be Hankful this year.

1. For showing that he deserves his awards

Look at that swag. It's impeccable. Stay gangsta, Hanksta.

2. For going along with your fan's weird requests

Hansgiving: Why Were Thankful for Tom Hanks - Image 8
(Source: eonline)When it comes to goin' with the flow, Tom has got it under his belt. "Oh, you want me to pretend you're passed out drunk at dinner for some reason? No problem!" You do it for the fans and we appreciate that.

3. For performing slam poetry about Full House on Jimmy Fallon

What's better than 90's smash hit "Full House"? Uhm, how about Tom Hanks raising some of the most provocatively profound questions about the characters in the artful form of slam poetry? This deserves a round of snaps.

4. For having a surviving perfect Hollywood marriage with Rita Wilson

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(Source: NYPost)Talk about a fairytale romance. The kind that won't leave you heartbroken (cough cough Will Arnett and Amy Poehler). I mean, look at them. Awww/vom but them mostly awww, ammirite?

5. For those sweet baby blues

Hansgiving: Why Were Thankful for Tom Hanks - Image 5
(Source: thumbsforhire)Swoon. Just look at those beauts. Are his eyes even blue? It's like looking out at the calm ocean after a storm. These are something we should all be thankful for.

6. For encouraging us to throw out our trash

Hansgiving: Why Were Thankful for Tom Hanks - Image 5
(Source: neatorama)The next time you think about littering, just think about Tom Hanks. He doesn't want you to pollute this earth that we've all come to love. Be like Hanks, don't pollute.

7. For taking a typewriter as a bribe

Hansgiving: Why Were Thankful for Tom Hanks - Image 7
(Source: mashable)All you have to do to get Tom Hanks on a podcast is get him something neat from a vintage store. Then he'll write you an amazingly quippy letter about how cool that gift is. The real gift is that you do you, T. Hanks.

8. For eloquently slipping "Good Morning America" the F-word

You can't blame Tom for "slipping into a brand of acting." He's an actor, that's what he does! For all the children who's fragile ears were listening that morning, you just heard what a man sounds like. Be grateful.

9. For having the power to name a child Chester and then allow him to have a "rapping" career

Hansgiving: Why Were Thankful for Tom Hanks - Image 9
(Source: filmdrunk.uproxx)Y'know, we give Hanks props. He's just letting Chet Haze be himself; even if that means being kind of. a douchebag. Tolerable father of the year, ammirite guys?

10. For doing a fake Toddlers and Tiaras segment for Jimmy Kimmel

(Source: brijam)Not only does he do it, Hanks gets into it. I mean, seriously, look at him twirl in that sparkly pink dress. Honey Boo Boo would be so proud!

11. For making everyone laugh at Michael Clark Duncan's memorial serviceFunerals are rough, and generally aren't a time where people are laughing. But Tom Hanks, man. When he told that awesome anecdotal story about Michael Clark Duncan trying to join a gang, everyone's face lights up. Thanks for cheering people up during a dark time, Mr. Hanks.

12. For goofing the weather segment on Spanish Television

(Source: cheezburger)Oh Tom Hanks, que estás tan divertido! I'm sure you already know what that means, Tom, but for our non spanish-speaking audience that means he's so much fun! I mean, look at him dancing in front of that doppler radar weather map. Shake what your momma gave you, weatherman Hanks.

13. For not being afraid to show his feminine side

Hansgiving: Why Were Thankful for Tom Hanks - Image 10
(Source: rentcafe)Let's time travel back to the '80's when Tom Hanks starred in the show 'Bosom Buddies". A true man isn't afraid to show a little cleavage. And we love your man cleavage, your meavage, Mr. Hanks. Thanks for doing all you do and have a happy Thanksgiving!