Trim Spa: Howard K. Stern?
Howard K. Stern: Yeah, hi. Who are you?
Trim Spa: Hey, I'm Trim Spa. We met a few years ago. You probably don't remember me, you were pretty coked up at the time.
Howard K. Stern: Oh right. I recall now. You're Article 15.
Trim Spa: What?
Howard K. Stern: Sorry, article 15 is the 10% of Anna Nicole's $250 million dollar estate.
Trim Spa: OK, whatever. Listen, I kind of have a small favor to ask.
Howard K. Stern: What is it?
Trim Spa: Well, listen. There's been a lot of rumors floating around, some speculation, about how Anna really died.
Howard K. Stern: Right, I think I may have heard about that.
Trim Spa: Yeah, anyway. Our stock has just really plummetted because some people are blaming Anna's death on Trim Spa.
Howard K. Stern: That's definitely not true.
Trim Spa: Oh good, we're on the same page. Which brings me to my next question…you think maybe you could tell people that I didn't have anything to do with this whole mess?
Howard K. Stern: What? That's absurd. I had nothing to do with Daniel or Anna's deaths.
Trim Spa: What? I never said that. I didn't even mention Daniel, Howard.
Howard K. Stern: That's preposterous that you would even suggest I might be planning young Danielynn's murder once I gain custody of her and full control of the estate.
Trim Spa: Uh…yeah…I didn't say that either. You know what? I think I gotta go.
Howard K. Stern: But maybe I can help you. Maybe I can tell you who's really responsible.
Trim Spa: That's OK. I think I'm all good. I got it. Thanks.

Story by Neil Padover and Dan Patack