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IN THIS ISSUE: 3 easy facts and 17 hilarious GIFs determining whether "Bieber Fever" is an innocent fan obsession, or something more dangerous.

Fact #1: Justin Bieber is Elvis.

Sometimes watching Justin Bieber's career path is like hearing an old song you remember from someplace else.

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Young male heartthrob singing blue-eyed soul to adoring teenage girls? Whose slightest hip wiggle causes everybody to freak out?

Blake Shelton sees an Elvis-Bieber resemblance. And so does the guy who made that crazy Tupac hologram at Coachella. He says Justin Bieber and holo-Elvis is the dream pairing he'd most love to see.

Hell, the kid can even do an impression of Elvis on TV that gets an Elvis-level screaming girls reaction. We can start building Graceland Two in Ontario, folks, because "The King" of the 21st century is from Canada.

So you shouldn't believe all of the "Justin Bieber's fans are unprecedentedly craaaaaaaazy" buzz, even when it's coming from Justin Bieber himself. He's this century's version of the last century's most famous pop singer, which is a big deal, but it isn't revolutionary.

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And sure, all those girls screaming for The Biebs have inspired a lot of Beatlemania-Bieber Fever comparisons, but who's to say that's medically accurate?

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Justin Bieber's a teen idol, who's maturing into a celebrity. Teenage girls love teen idols and sometimes like the celebrities they become. Either way, there's nothing insane about that.

However, there are a few insane aspects of Bieber Fever…