This year 30 seconds of ad time during the big game will run just under a cool 4 million bucks (technically they cost 3.8 million, but you're saving a ton by getting these amazing ideas free of charge). You could say this astronomical price is an investment in the future – but in the end of you're really just betting big that your commercial will pay off, and the price tag makes it by far the biggest gamble of the game. Since the ads sold out in record time, here are some suggestions for less than $4,000,000 that will still get your product plenty of attention!

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At last check tickets to the game were still available, starting at about $3,000 each. While that's a pretty steep out of pocket for the average fan, you could get hundreds for the price of a single ad during the break and hundreds of fans singing your product's praises…

Buy 1000 tickets, and since proximity to on the field microphones will make a difference, go ahead and shell out a little extra for good seats. Once the tickets are purchased, put out a casting call for trained operatic singers who would be interested in attending the single most sought after event of the year FREE.

Once interspersed in the audience our hidden songbirds wait for lulls in the noise in the stadium to take up a rousing chorus of your brand's jingle. Will some of these hidden instigators get the boot? Sure. But we all know that once a catchy tune takes hold you end up humming it all day, so by the end of the game half the stadium will have taken up the chant and be sing along!

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Here are two things known to be true: very expensive cars tend to turn heads, and it's really, really difficult not to gawk at a car crash. When you combine these elements suddenly it's not hard to ignore- it's impossible.

Rent an empty lot within blocks of the big game. Since parking's at a premium you'll have to pay through the nose, but even if you drop a million there's still plenty left over for the second stage of the plan: buying up 10 high end luxury cars. Think Aston Martin… Bentley… Range Rover… Rolls Royce… Porsche… Ferrari… Lamborghini… Tesla Roadster … Maybe a classic Shelby Cobra and the original Batmobile for good measure. Once you've got the cars cover every square inch of them with your brand's logo. It will feel a little wrong defacing such works of automotive art, but rest assured they're will be much worse coming shortly…

The stage has been set for this fleet of ultra high-end vehicles to become your sacrificial offering to the god of spectacle. Offer the best demolition derby drivers money can buy $50,000 each with a promised $200,000 to the last car running. The ensuing classic carnage will draw every eye, camera, and at least one or two blimp cam shots to your luxury lot of destruction. Notoriety achieved!

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First step; Invest in 10 Sharkboats and 10 Water powered jetpacks for the bargain basement price of 100 Gs a piece. Next, set up a series of hoops a hundred feet above the water just off the coast of New Orleans. Once these steps have been completed you're ready to play the greatest game that the world never knew it was missing- MONSOON MONSTER JAM!

The rules are simple: The Jetpack wearing players (aka "FLYERS") will attempt to dunk a ball through the opposing team's hoops. The opposing team's shark boat captains ("SWIMMERS") will guide their marine missiles at the Flyers' water supply lines, attempting to snag them and pull them off course.

It's an insane, chaotic war on the water and regardless of whether its seen live from the shore or in the inevitable news copter flyovers, your product will have exclusive sponsorship of the entire league which will redefine the term "big game".

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This is more of a long term strategy than a short term solution… if you really need to get the word out about your product during the coming fiscal quarter this probably won't work for you- but if you have the time to sit back and let the single greatest scheme in the history of advertising pan out, then this is, quite frankly, an amazing plan.

First put out word that you're offering a scholarship to one very gifted student in the burgeoning filed of "Veterinary Linguistics". While this sounds pretty shady – the prospect of 6 years full tuition, room and board and a hefty stipend while the candidate in question pursues a doctorate will ease most people's fears. The one condition of the student's acceptance of this scholarship is that they dedicate the first 5 years of their post graduate career to furthering the great work already done by dedicated amateurs in the field.

That's it. No further strings attached, massive funding, and (although preferential weight should be given to cute and or funny animals like dogs or monkeys) candidates can pursue teaching whatever species they feel is most promising to talk. When all is said and done – the only thing being asked of them is to dedicate a decade of their life to getting one real animal to say your company's name and motto. It's a big gamble- but aren't all ads? And if this one plays out…. Everybody wins.

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This is by no means a new idea, and is such a safe bet it barely qualifies as a gamble. But if you're looking to play it safe and enjoy beer, bikinis, beaches, or any combination of the three – go with the tried and true.