Since the Big Game's earliest days it's been accompanied by some of the best football festivities in the history of mankind. Here's a list of some of the highlights (and lowlights) from parties gone by.

Jan 15th, 1967 – Curtis Johnson holds the first game day bash in his Kansas City home with fans from both teams in the hopes of furthering "the spirit of inter-team unity". He also initiates the first angry post-game demand that the "lousy gloating jerks" who have "ruined EVERYTHING" go ahead and "get the hell out".

January 14th, 1973 – Unable to understand the concept of hyperbole, Party host Ralph Smith takes guest Alan Horowitz's claim he could eat "sandwich as big as me" at face value, and the tradition of the 6 foot party sub is born.

January 21st, 1979 – Heath Holcomb drops a bowl of chili onto a section of the deepest, whitest shag carpeting he's ever seen. He then manages to move an couch full of fans inch by inch through powerful leg work until it covered the evidence of his spill and he was able to escape unnoticed.

January 30th, 1983 – Ian McGregor successfully rigs the singing of the National Anthem so that he can win a pool betting on the length of the song. His winning time: 1:38. His net profits (after account for $5,000 in bribery money to the singer): – $4,825.

January 22nd, 1989 – Guests at Scott Sperling's game day party all simultaneously and coincidentally arrive with puppies, creating a adorable halftime show decades ahead of it's time.

January 29th, 1995- Refusing to leave before the end of the game, Barbara Bierce gives birth to a baby boy at her friend Matthew Kantack's apartment. She decides to call the child "Francisco," while Matt calls the entire experience, "really gross."

January 31st, 1999 – Owing to his lightning quick reflexes and immediate embracing of the term, James Brophy becomes the first American to enquire of a fellow party goer, "Whaaasssssupp?!"

January 28th, 2001 – Partygoer Alex Byrnes eats 50 hot wings by himself in a marathon eating session that began with legitimate hunger, moved briefly into peer-pressured showboating for bystanders, and ended in deep seated self loathing.

February 5th, 2006 – Jeff Nichol somehow manages to win all 4 quarters in each of the 7 pools he entered, garnering $5,500 in winnings and using up every bit of good luck he had in store for the rest of his life in one fell swoop.

February 5th, 2012 – When a halftime game of playfully tossing his cousin's child over his head goes a bit overboard, Tom Lange is able to miraculously pull off a diving, no look, one handed catch in which he pins the infant to the top of his head and lands safely. For some reason, when this same move is pulled off in the game just two quarters later, Mario Manningham's family members don't call him a "drunk, dangerous idiot".