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Memory:We got up in early dawn, excited for our annual family trip to the great outdoors, to experience nature as it truly is. In the car ride over, we played games like "I Spy" and "20 questions", that united us as a family. We arrived at a quiet and peaceful piece of land, where we set up camp. Mom took out the delicious peanut butter sandwiches she made, and we all devoured them as if we hadn't eaten in weeks.Later, my sisters and I went to have a dip in the nearby river. Before we knew it, it was nighttime. We gathered around the tent, and told ghost stories until we fell asleep.

Reality:Mom woke us up at 11AM. The alarm clock didn't go off, and we slept through half the day planned. In the car ride over, dad drove like a maniac to try and make up for lost time. I spied my sister throwing up out the car window. We arrived at the national park, that was overflowing with families that arrived before us. We barely found a plot of grass to settle in to. Little kids were crying, parents were yelling, and the smell of barbecue meat surrounded the area. Mom took out the peanut butter sandwiches she quickly scraped together seconds before leaving. The smell of burgers and hot dogs made them seem even less desirable. But it was 3PM already and we hadn't eaten anything, so we devoured them.

Later, my sisters and I went to have a dip in the near by river. It was swarming with kids, some of them peeing in the water. They kept splashing water in our eyes, and we couldn't hear a thing from all the screaming. We got out. We gathered around the blanket in our sad piece of land, and dad told us a ghost story that was actually a metaphor for his horrible boss. It was so boring, we fell asleep.

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Memory:I was so excited for the first day of school. I couldn't sleep all night, and just laid in bed, thinking about how great it would be.In the morning, I went downstairs where an amazing breakfast waited for me. We all ate together, and then mom drove me to school. She came in with me, because I was a little nervous. When we met my teacher, I relaxed, and mom went on her way. The teacher was so nice and pretty. She took me by the hand and sat me next to Mia, the cutest girl in class. We became best friends. At recess, we played catch with a few boys, and I won. Mia was impressed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We even walked home together.

Reality:The night before the first school day I stayed up all night playing video games, thinking I won't have time for them anymore once school started. My eyes turned red, but I stayed up anyway. In the morning, I zombie-walked downstairs, tired as hell, where mom stuffed me with a shit load of pancakes. She wanted to make sure I was more than full, because she assumed bullies would take my lunch money and I won't eat anything until the afternoon.Mom drove me to school, because I was too chicken to cross the street by myself. Mom came inside with me to properly sign me up and pay tuition because her original check bounced. I met my teacher, who was a 25 year old education major that still found it necessary to baby talk to us. She sat me next to Mia, who was two years older than everyone, because she used to be home schooled, but it didn't really work so she's only now starting the first grade. At recess, we spent our time running away from bullies. I out ran them, and Mia was impressed and tried to kiss me. I avoided it because she had cooties. She still followed me all the way home like a stalker.

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Memory:I asked mom to go visit grandpa at the retirement home, because we never go and I thought he was probably feeling lonely. We drove for a pretty long time, until arriving at the gates of his retirement home. The guard at the gate made sure we were on the list, and let us in. We waited for grandpa in the lounge, where all the other families waited for their grandparents, too. When he came downstairs from his room, he sat with us. He was so happy to see us, and said he missed us so much. I felt a little guilty for not coming around more, but grandpa said I should never say I'm guilty.

Mom and grandpa talked for a bit, and then grandpa said he was tired and wanted to go back to his room to sleep. I guess it was a little late because all the other grandpas also went back to their rooms. On the way back home mom said she's sorry we came. I told her I didn't mind driving so long for just a few minutes with grandpa, because it seemed to make him very happy. I guess she was proud of me for caring about grandpa so much, because she started crying and holding me.

Reality:It was prison. Grandpa was in prison.