5. Why does nobody laugh at Chandler's jokes?

The entire world knows that Chandler is "the funny one." Except, apparently, his friends. He's constantly cracking jokes and they're constantly not laughing at them. What's the point of having Chandler in their group if they don't think he's funny? I might think, oh it's a television thing. The director doesn't want to ruin the flow of the scene by stopping for laughs, but, oh yeah, there's a laugh track. Faceless strangers are laughing at Chandler's jokes, but his best friends aren't. That's so depressing.

6. What happened to the wood beams in Monica's apartment?

Clearly, putting a giant wood beam in the middle of the kitchen was a bad set choice from the get go. It was obviously going to be in the way and be a big pain for the whole production. That's why someone should have realized that before they started filming the series. Instead, they filmed with it for a while, then just took it away. Like that's a thing you can do with support beams. Way to ruin the illusion of this otherwise completely realistic apartment.

7. Why was Ross just going to let Rachel move his daughter to Paris?

At the end of the series, when Rachel and Ross have a baby together, but aren't together together, Rachel gets offered a job in Paris, and she takes it. She's leaving for the airport, and Ross rushes there to tell her not to go because he loves her. You know who else he should love? His daughter. The daughter that Rachel is just going to take to live in Paris. What kind of messed up custody agreement is going on here? Ross already has another kid he barely sees, you'd think he'd like to make some attempt to keep his offspring in his general vicinity. Emma always was sort of an afterthought though.

8. How can Joey and Phoebe afford anything?

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The money thing has long been something that critics of "Friends" harp on, and some of it is explained--Monica's apartment is rent controlled--and some of it just needs to be chalked up to the magic of television, but Joey and Phoebe just don't make sense. By the end of the series, they have steady jobs and money, but, at the beginning, Joey is an actor who never gets work, without another job, and Phoebe...is a subway busker? Ok, Phoebe makes no sense ever, so let's just ignore her like the writers expect us to. Joey, however, could have easily had his financial situation explain by some simple backstory, but, instead, the writers imply that he's mostly living off of Chandler's generosity. Pretty sweet deal for a random stranger roommate.

9. Why do snobby little shits pretend Friends wasn't a good show?

WARNING: I will defend this show to the death.

(via reactiongifs)Oh, you didn't think "Friends" was funny? Oh, you thought it was just popular drivel? Oh, you were more of a "Seinfeld" person? Fuck you, you fucking liar. You loved "Friends." We all loved "Friends." We still love "Friends" when it appears in syndication 15 times per day. You know why? Because it was a delightfully funny, heartfelt, consistently enjoyable show. The fact that it was popular doesn't mean it sucked. You suck. Next time you start getting nostalgic for some bullshit 90s snackfood, remember the real reason the 90s were great: "Friends." (And, you know, the booming economy.)

10. They were on a break.

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They were.