One week ago, we all heard about Henry Gribbohm, the New Hampshire man who lost his $2,600 life savings trying to win an X-Box in a (possibly rigged) carnival game, then ended up with a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks as a consolation prize.

Upon hearing his absurd story, we at CollegeHumor declared that if this post got over 26,000 Facebook Likes, we would purchase the dreadlocks banana back from him for $2,600, and if the post topped 30,000 Likes, we'd also throw in the X-Box Kinect he was originally trying to win. Well, thanks to your incredible efforts (of being like "that's kind of funny I guess" and clicking a box), we blew past our 30,000 Likes goal, and this weekend, our own Streeter Seidell drove up to New England to meet Mr. Gribholm in person and make good on our promise.

Here's the dramatic conclusion to the Henry Gribholm Dreadlocks-Banana Saga, aka, Our Generation's Moon Landing:

So there you have it! Henry's got his money back (and is making a Boston Run donation and starting a college fund for his kids), and more importantly, we now have a giant Rasta Banana in our office forever. As Henry himself said, "Who's the dummy now?" indeed!

Don't answer that, commenters.

UPDATE: The Rasta Banana is already settling into our offices juuuust fine! (PHOTOS)