Mike Trapp's Choice

I really love mashups. To me, a good mashup feels like a really good joke: two disparate things juxtaposed in a such a way that they somehow make perfect sense together. It's surprising and satisfying. So when I need my fix of unusual mashups I go to the subreddit r/comeonandslam.

What is r/comeonandslam? It's just page after page of songs mashed up with The Space Jam Theme Song by Quad City DJs. Take a listen:

Falcon's Choice

One of my favorite internet things is the Get the cake (or You, Delicious Cake) meme. Despite it being really old you don't need the backstory to appreciate the cleverness inside. It reminds me of an open-ended college application essay, one where you're desperately trying to stand out from the pack and think outside the box.

Here's the premise:

Our Favorite Pieces of Internet: Falcons Choice
You have to somehow get that cake. Delicious cake.