Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Bing Google For Me, Would You

One day my professor used Bing to search for and go to Google images.- Kerry H

My dad insisted on having a password to login into the computer, and that it gets changed regularly and that only he knows it. His reasoning was because he thought people could hack into the computer wirelessly and upload viruses. When I told him that the login can only prevent someone physically there, his stance changed to the belief that if someone broke into the house and stole the computer, they wouldn't be able to login and therefore use it. - battalion-of-destruction

my mother believes you can only exit out of a website a go to a new one if you close internet explorer and reopen it again…she also still uses internet explorer…- academicwanker

My dad was having trouble getting on his outlook email. One of the ladies that works for him asked if his internet was connected, which is a normal thing to ask in that situation. It was his reply of, "I don't care about the internet, I want my email!" was the real cause of my snickering that day.- seafoampterodactyl

A few years ago whenever my dad started up our desktop he would get mad because my "Myspace" kept popping up. It was AIM. He also thought that if we got rid of our computer his email would also disappear.- anni-meow

My boyfriend had a virus on his desktop computer and had to wipe it out. His mother was worried that if he did that it would also do the same for her laptop. He assured her that her laptop would not be affected but she was still weary.- anni-meow

My mom once called our Internet provider to figure out why our Internet wasn't working. The woman asked her what lights were lit on our modem, and my mom responded, "We don't have a modem, I dont think. Do we?" – That's when I hastily grabbed the phone out of her hand.- abbyarmbruster

My mom and I were planning our vacation in Spain and I asked her if we could take surfing lessons. She responds with, "I'm sure they have internet over there." - chichi-ponderables

I volunteer in the IT Department at the local library. A lady came up to me and asked "Excuse me, how do I use the computer? I inserted my library card into the slot."She had inserted her card into the floppy drive, causing it to fall into the case. Since then, we have found numerous library cards in computer cases…- Alex

My grandma has an old computer – like Windows 98. She doesn't even have an internet connection, but still refuses to even turn it on because she's convinced that someone will be able to steal all of her credit card and banking information… that she hasn't put on her computer.- lindleyjo