Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

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A coworker responded to an Outlook Calendar request with an email that only contained "Allow."- willtravel

I was working in an Internet Support Callcenter, when the client told me that his internet wasn't working, i asked to the client to open a new window in her explorer. She told me that she can't open the windows. The reason, it was snowing outside.- hyucillo

It is an ongoing joke around my group of friends that my mom is the most technologically challenged person in existence. One example is when I had a copy of Windows Black on my computer and the monitor broke so I borrowed my mom's. When she found out she began screaming at me and demanding I unplug it because "the monitor will alert Dell to the illegal version of Windows and they will arrest us, refuse to let the computers turn on and never allow us to use the internet again". To this day, even though none of this happened of course, she insists that Dell is monitoring us and we have one strike.- Anonymous

Last year i taught my mom how to use copy and paste. We have had a computer at my house for 13+ years, since i was about 6 or 7, i learned to do it when i was probably 10. I am now 18.- Ashaleypal

My uncle asked me how to save files on Google Drive. He doesn't seem to understand that it automatically saves itself and keeps using control+s to "save" the document. The download folder of my computer is now filled with saved webpages that are utterly useless.- batsingotham

My grandma doesn't quite understand the concept of email. She either calls or texts beforehand asking if we're home because "she has an email she wants to send and she wants to make sure we'll be around to get it."- Anonymous

Earlier today, my dad kept asking me if I had a Blu-Ray. I wasn't sure what he meant since I have a couple disks but no player. Then he confused me more when he said it was for my phone. He meant a Bluetooth headset.- Anonymous

My mom hung up on me because her cellphone some how switched to speaker phone and she couldn't figure out how to turn it back. To this day she has no idea what she did and won't read the instruction manual because "she knows how cellphones work."- Anonymous

My dad just got a 3D TV, this is pretty amazing for a guy who thinks HDTV means "Heavy Duty TV".- Anonymous