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Her Little Sister Untied Me

A few years back I was seeing this girl who liked to get a bit kinky in bed and wanted to tie me up one night. I said ok and the next thing I know my hands are tied above my head to the headboard and she is on top. After some wild sex she falls asleep on top of me……. while I am still tied up. I stayed that way till morning when her 12 year old sister came in to ask her a question. Having your girlfriends little sister untie you after having sex with her older sister is just plain wrong.- Jay B.

One day me and my girlfriend were discussing Hinduism and reincarnation (as I'm sure most couples do in their spare time). Trying to be clever and complimentary, I turned to my girlfriend and said, "If you were reincarnated, you would come back as a cow." Of course she took it out of context and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. I still think it was a pretty good compliment.- Steven O.

So I hate social media!!! Never had myspace, facebook,twitter etc… Just yesterday I receive news that my cousin had her ultra-sound and the pic is on FB, So i decide to check if my girlfriend was still logged in so i can see. Well she was unfortunately or luckily (depending on who you are) she had received a message from a guy who I had bad thoughts of & had asked her to stay away from. Normally I'm not a snooper, but this was screaming to be read! Throughout their "chats" they had been fb sexting! Long story short, I was released from Jail a few hours ago for whipping his ass, shes homeless and you can rest assured I'm creating a FB page as I type this (just in case)……- Anonymous

My now ex and I had been dating for over 2 years when I was invited to join her and her family on their summer trip. We had been attending different colleges and only saw each other on the weekends, so we used our weekends to go at it like rabbits. We were not going to be stopped on this family vacation! We shared a room with her 3 siblings. Waited for them to fall asleep and proceeded to go to the bathroom and get down to business! This was a seven day trip, this was a nightly occurrence. We never got caught, success!!- M.D.

Last year my girl friend pretty much lived in my dorm with me and my super straightedge roommate. He wasn't just straightedge but also very religious and didn't even believe in sex before marriage. So one day me and my girl friend were lying in bed and fooling around all day. He almost walked in on us on the way back from his morning class, then I kicked him out for the afternoon, and when he came back from dinner and saw that we were still in bed he looked directly at both of us and said "I'm going to church", turned his head, and walked out. Things were kinda awkward after that.- Cameron H.

My girlfriend lived in Brazil for a majority of our relationship (about the first year, if you can believe it and still together), but for about 2 weeks I managed to fly down to see her. While down there, we of course fooled around a lot, and I asked her to make a sexy video with me. I'd been physically away for 5 months, so I was incredibly charged. We end up making 3 videos of us. Now, looking back on them, I refuse to watch them simply because my unattractive body is in them, ruining most of the shots of hers. Also, during this same trip, she gave me several hickies, which her sister-in-law asked about. In front of her father. I hastily claimed that the floor was slippery and I hit the bed. Twice.- Patrick M.

My bf and I went for a walk on a nice hiking trail near my place. when we paused for a break, we ended up just sitting there. in the silence. with nothing to say. Out of nowhere he yells at the top of his lungs: "TURKEY SANDWICH!" scaring me half to death until trying to catch my breath turned into laughter….to this day I can no longer eat turkey sandwiches with a straight face.- C.D.

This girl I liked junior year of high school was looking concerned at one of her friends. Her friend had just explained how high school was un-American because it was more like a dictatorship than a democracy. I was about to enter the conversation when the girl i liked asked, "Wait. What's a democracy?" Needless to say, I did not pursue her after that, but I am about 97% sure she graduated.- Anonymous

I don't know how we even got on the conversation, but as we're talking about her religion, my ex girlfriend looked at me-right in the eye-and said, "No, I don't cast love spells on other people. That's dangerous. I cast them on myself to attract love to me." I just walked away after that.- Kyle H.