Earlier this week, Sub Pop record label received an email from a Virginia Tech student with an interesting, albeit impossible, request. The student, VT's very own mascot and homecoming candidate, asks if Nirvana would record a personal video message for the school's annual homecoming week. Yes, Nirvana. As in the Nirvana that stopped being a band almost 20 years ago:

So, since she asked so nicely and provided such convincing incentives like the chance to be featured alongside Slightly Stoopid (Slightly Stoopid, you guys!!!), Sub Pop agreed and sent her back what she wanted: a video of Nirvana following her flawless script to a t:

Once they texted her the video — rather than sending her an entire iPhone as she technically requested — they were rewarded with absolute, all-caps gratitude.

Student Politely Asks for Nirvanas Help with Homecoming

Who knows? Maybe next she'll reach out to Michael Jackson's management, too.