Obvious disclaimer: I love this movie. But some of it makes absolutely no sense.

1. Chris's Insane Birthday Party Could've Happened Within Four Hours


8 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs Doubtfire

Miranda won't be home for another FOUR HOURS? Great! That's just enough time to walk home, give one hundred kids and their parents ten minutes' advance notice of a party, book a "mobile petting zoo" (so that they can immediately send over a donkey, two ponies, a lamb, three goats [at least one of whom has a healthy appetite for begonias], a chicken, a rabbit, four pigs, about 15 geese and ducks, and ONE employee to watch them all), decorate the house with a buttload of balloons and streamers, design a party playlist (going heavy on the House of Pain, of course), go to a party store to buy those pointy paper hats, PARTY HARD for a few hours, wait for all the straggler attendees to get picked up, hide the presents the other kids brought for Chris, and clean up the entire house, as long as nosy Gloria Chaney next door doesn't get in the way! EXCEPT NOPE IT ISN'T. Take five. Take five million. You're dead.

2. Daniel Doesn't Even Try to Get Another Acting Job


6 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs Doubtfire

Okay, so this adult man with three kids to support impulsively quits his job because of one tiny moral disagreement. Fine. It's a character trait. But then the movie makes ZERO effort to explain why Daniel can't get another job in his field, despite the fact that he's been a working actor for many years and should have tons of contacts. Just because Mrs. Sellner is not impressed with his voices doesn't mean he would suddenly drop that career path and become a shipping clerk. As a wise man once said, "I am job. I am job."

3. Miranda Never Checks Her Newspaper Ad


6 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs Doubtfire

Miranda never checks the final printed version of her ad in the paper? Wouldn't that be the FIRST thing you'd do? Especially after receiving only four responses from completely insane people? Methinks someone deserves a few light slams for her cavalier attitude.

4. The Kids Discuss Their Day After Riding the Bus Together


8 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs Doubtfire

About midway through the movie there's a short exchange that you may not remember, mostly because it's completely pointless. It goes like this:

  1. Lydia

    Did you have fun in school?

  2. Nattie


  3. Lydia

    What'd you do?

  4. Nattie

    I painted a picture of a bunny, and the teacher liked it.

In addition to being almost identical to a conversation that happens between the same characters earlier in the movie ("Did you have fun in school?"/"I painted a picture of a rainbow."), this scene happens AFTER the kids get off the school bus that they were all riding together. This is an unfortunate example of a trend that happens all too often in movies and TV, where a conversation will flow seamlessly between different locations, totally ignoring the way people communicate while traveling through space in real life. We're left to assume that all three kids spent the entire bus ride in total silence, each thinking about how weird it is that their new babysitter smells exactly like their dad under her perfume.