CH: And you have an active and growing user base I assume?

BWF: We do, yeah. We're still seeing good growth and we have a lot of cool stuff planned to keep that going and give people better and better chances of actually connecting with somebody.

CH: Care to share any numbers?

BWF: We're over 1.2 million users since we launched a short while ago and we have over 200,000 successful couples - so people who have been matched.

CH: What have been the biggest challenges for you in both establishing and growing your app?

BWF: I mean I think our biggest challenge is getting more people to embrace this sort of open nature and be sex positive and we think especially for our generation, people in their twenties, it makes sense and it's something they do naturally but there are still those forces that are trying to make things more difficult and trying to force people into their way of living and we're just saying hooking up already happens, friends with benefit situations already happen, and beyond that, the best relationships are those with someone you would want to be friends with anyway so we're just enabling that in a safe way. So fighting that stigma has been a challenge for us, but it's also been a pleasure because we feel like it's where the culture needs to go and it's a good mission to be on.

CH: Do you currently have a girlfriend?

BWF: I don't, no. I did when I created the app though.

CH: How did THAT go?

BWF: How would you guess? [laughs]

CH: She knew that you built this?

BWF: Yeah, yeah she did.

CH: And she was not so happy about it.

BWF: Not pleased. I'll say that. It wasn't the only issue, but definItely didn't help the situation.

CH: How old are you?

BWF: I'm 28 now.

CH: Did you finish undergrad?

BWF: I did.

CH: Where did you go?

BWF: Cornell.

CH: For?

BWF: Comp Sci.

CH: So you developed the app yourself?

BWF: I'm the CEO, but the initial version and some continuing development, I do some of that too.

CH: Could you tell us more about this Bang Pad?

BWF: [laughs] Yeah, we have a great loft in San Francisco. Pretty much just air mattresses and office space and lots of free Bang with Friends condoms and stuff like that around.

CH: You have branded condoms?

BWF: We do. [laughs]

CH: Would you like to give us some?

BWF: I would love to. Yeah, send me your address and I'll mail some to you.

CH: Doooooope. [pause] Is there anything else you'd like to let our audience know about BWF?

BWF: Yeah, there's this one story. I love this because so many people, they question if women would use this. And we've heard some users and the girls are like, "I don't go advertising to many people that I use it, but I do because it gives me the opportunity to be an equal part of the courting process. So instead of being inundated with messages and all of that, they can discretely just mark which of their guy friends are bangable or boyfriend material basically, and that way it's much less stressful and more of an equal opportunity process for the women as well. We love doing that and breaking through the traditional roles and allowing girls to be whoever they want to be, the same as guys.

CH: Do you know if any of your users have gotten married yet?

BWF: No, I haven't heard of any yet. We've definitely heard of long-term relationships, but no marriages that I know of yet.

CH: You guys should pay for their wedding when they do.

BWF: [laughs] That would be amazing.

CH: Put me on the Marketing team. Let's talk.
The rest of the conversation is "off the record" *

*He immediately hung up.