Humans have hunted animals for thousands of years, whether it's for food, clothing or a medium we can shove electronics into so we can animate them after death. Wait, what? Here's some very strange taxidermy that some might argue is… kind of useful.

1. The Compubeaver

10 Examples of Horrible Useful Taxidermy

Source: yourpsychogirlfriend

It's literally a computer shoved into the skin of a beaver and hooked up to a monitor. So you can surf the internet and pretend you've actually been outside today.

2. Literal Mouse Mouse

10 Examples of Creepy Yet Useful Taxidermy

Source: neatorama

Well, you've already got your beaver computer, you may as well compliment it with a mouse. No, literally, a mouse.

3. Dead Mouse Change Purse

10 Examples of Horrible Useful Taxidermy

Source: Reid Peppard

If you feel like you're lacking dead animals, or a place to put your pennies, then you're kind of weird, but also in luck with this custom made dead mouse purse.

4. Horse Hoof Shoes

6 Examples of Creepy Yet Useful Taxidermy

Source: dontpaniconline

Finally, a pair of shoes that target the Brony community. And people who have always dreamed of wearing Satan's feet.

5. The CatCopter

Source: YouTube

Is this useful? I want to say yes, although the purpose for dead flying cat helicopters is yet to be fully explained. Regardless, it's pretty cool. And you can probably impress the ladies with this one.

6. The OstrichCopter

Source: YouTube

If you're not into a flying cat, because let's face it, cats are for pussies, then you can always get the OstrichCopter for all of your flying taxidermy needs.