Working out is super boring and makes our bodies leak some sort of weird, clear pee, which is kind of cool but also weird and unpleasant. So to make exercising more fun, and to help you get that crazy ripped hot rod of a bod you've always dreamed of / had night terrors about, we've put together this easy-to-follow .gif guide that will empower you to take your daily workout to the NEXT LEVEL.



Ease into your routines with a nice guilt-free snack. 



Get that blood PUMPIN with a few light hover laps. Try to maintain a 2-3 foot float.



 Time to limber up! Enter a state of temporal fracture and create a quantum conga-line.



Dont' forget to also exercise your mental and cultural tolerance of alternative lifestyles. 


REMEMBER! When attempting to get so yoked that your very existence becomes an affront to God, be sure to pick a partner who knows you AND your limits.



Lock legs with your partner and defy the scientific concept of gravity in sets of three or more.  


 Finish your workout by becoming a rock-hard monster whose washboard body represents the final stage of human evolution and perhaps the birth of an entirely new species of super-swollen savants known only as homo humongous. 

 Return weights when finished.



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