Even though everyone has a theory as to how Breaking Bad is going to end, they're all nearly identical with a few small differences. Instead of rehashing the same ideas again, let's look at five possible endings that are so ridiculous and unexpected, they could never happen. Which actually means they COULD happen if Vince Gilligan really wants to surprise people. So are these the most unrealistic endings to Breaking Bad, or are they so unrealistic that they become possible? The answer is the former. These would be terrible endings.


1. Jesse Dreamed it All

In the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, Walt goes on a ride along with Hank. While Hank and the DEA charge inside of what turns out to be a meth house, Jesse climbs out of an upstairs window to escape from the authorities. As he's climbing out, he notices Walt and is so surprised, he stumbles and falls off the roof.

What if, when he fell, he hit his head and was knocked unconscious? Then, with the images fresh in his mind of Walt, Hank, and meth, he dreamed everything that has happened over the five seasons of the show. The sight of Walt was obviously shocking to him, so it definitely would have made an impact. The final episode could end with Jesse, still in the dream, being executed by Heisenberg and just as the gun goes off, he wakes up in the bushes. It was all a dream and Walt is still just a dying chemistry teacher.


2. It's a Prequel to a Popular Show (Not Malcolm in the Middle)


After Hank presents the evidence against his brother-in-law, Walt disappears. The whole city is looking for him so he flees to a third world country, but not before he sends off one last batch of his blue meth. He can't stand the thought of his work never being appreciated again, so he makes a giant batch and gives it Lydia with very specific instructions that he whispers into her ear. He tips his fedora and walks out the door, but what did he say? We cut to a montage of the meth being processed and packaged. The front of the label simply says Caffeine Pills. The final shot is of Jesse Spanno purchasing the infamous blue meth thinking it's caffeine to help her study for finals. The song "I'm So Excited" begins to play lightly in the background. Walt was responsible for Jesse's breakdown in the "Hot Sundae" episode and Breaking Bad is actually the prequel to Saved by the Bell.


3. Heisenberg Isn't Really Walt

At first, Walt was making meth in order to pay for his cancer treatment and to leave money behind to take care of his family. At some point he completely changed into a monster. Now where have I heard a story about a man who was sick and only cared about others suddenly became a ruthless, sinister murderer? Oh that's right, John Locke from Lost!

What if at the end of Lost when Jack killed Locke (spoiler, but if you haven't watched Lost by now, what are you doing?) the Smoke Monster traveled to a different host like in the movie Fallen and took over Richard Alpert's body?  We don't see Richard at the final reunion so he wasn't part of the group that went to heaven or hell or wherever it was that Jack took them. Now the Smoke Monster is on the mainland and free to cause havoc. Wouldn't creating one of the most addictive, pure forms of meth ever known be a great way to start the destruction of the world? Heisenberg is the smoke monster from Lost. Just let that one settle in for a while.


4. Walt IS Hank

In the ultimate twist, it turns out that Walt isn't being chased by Hank, he IS Hank. He created these personalities to help him cope with the fact that he's a drug dealer now. Hank is his conscious, Marie is his alcoholic side, Skyler is his sense of judgment, Walt Jr. is his innocence, and Jesse is his adolescence. He doesn't have an empire and he isn't on the top of the most wanted list. He's a sad, lonely man with no one, so he had to create all of these personas to give his life a sense of adventure. Gale is real, though. Well, he was until Walt killed him. That actually happened.


5. Walt is Evil Incarnate

At the beginning of the mid-season premiere, we see Walt walk into his home and stare at a wall that has "Heisenberg" spray painted across it.

5 Unlikely Endings to Breaking Bad

This place is run down and has nearly been destroyed. Why would someone trash this house? Maybe it wasn't someone, but something. What if his house is actually built from the remains of the cabin from Evil Dead 2? The house has been ravaged by demons and, just as Walt returns, they show back up to claim their final victim when the swirling vortex makes an appearance. 

5 Unlikely Endings to Breaking Bad

Walt is sucked into it and transported back to the dark ages. He must cook meth and fight ancient evils in order to get back to the present, but does he really want that? He's lost everything in the present, so why not rule the past? This also leads to Heisenberg showing up in a few Game of Thrones episodes and leads to the creation of the white walkers, but that's a whole different story.