How could you? Of all the down-right, rotten things to do to someone in this world, why this? Why me? I mean, have I not been a good roommate to you? Have I not washed the dishes on my day? Have I not even vacuumed when I wasn't even asked?

I thought you were a cool person, I really did. I thought that, after three years, we really knew each other. And I trusted you" I trusted you with all my heart. But then you go and do this and erase that beautiful base we worked so hard to build. If you asked me three years ago if I thought my roommate would ever do this to me, I would have laughed at you and said, "I know my roommate. He's a good person. He would never betray me like that."

But I guess I was wrong about you. I guess you aren't the friend I thought you were. I guess that I should choose my friends more carefully in the future and not be so easily manipulated by bastards like you. I'm sorry I ever got involved with you; as a roommate and as a friend.

Looks like this is it for us. I would really feel more comfortable if you left the apartment. No, I don't want you to call. I'll pick up next month's rent. Yeah, I have the money; I was at work when you were doing this horrible thing to me. Oh god, what's my mother going to think?

You self-centered asshole, did you even think about the repercussions of your actions? No, I bet you didn't. You just went ahead with your little plan and now" now this. God, I would have expected this from my enemies, but never from you. Et Tu Brute, I say to you, Et Tu!

Wait, before you go, I just need some closure. I need to know what made you do it. What made you betray me. What made you change my away message from "at work" to "having gay sex with men." Why" why would you do that? No, I can never forgive you and the damage you have done. Goodbye.