HGTVs All New Fall Lineup


Most Embarrassing Dust Ruffles
Host Sabrina Soto transforms dust ruffle don'ts into dust ruffle damns!

Man Cave Crashers
Host Matt Blashaw follows one lucky couple home from a home improvement store, falls in love with the man's wife, but somehow holds it together long enough to deliver on a monstrous man cave.

Sims Property Virgins
Watch first-time homebuyers turn their simulated house into a simulated home.

Love It or Lust It
As real estate agent David seeks to win homeowners over with a new home, home designer Hillary redesigns everyday objects in their current home into reprehensible sex toys.
House Hunters Intergalactic
Will they choose the comfy Mars One Pod A or the equally identical Mars One Pod B?
Vacay Crashers
Host Matt Blashaw waits outside one lucky couple's hotel room window and imagines how much happier he'd make the man's wife in that canopy bed.
Extreme Homes of the Homeless
Get the inside scoop on the most astonishing shacks, huts, and shanties of the 99% from Detroit to Denver.
DIY Sex Dungeons
Host Scott McGillivray helps swingers, bangers, and sex addicts transform their damp basements into chain-n-bang juice palaces.
Crash Crashers
Host Matt Blashaw renovates a humdrum intersection with glass and entrails after he broadsides one lucky couple in his pickup truck--because if he can't have her no one can.