1. Sims in Real Life by John Berchtold




2. People Blurting Out the Answer in Class by MAX JR




3. Dog 1, 2 Step by Robert Live




4. Parents Walking In on Their Kids: 90s vs Now by Caleb Opper




5. Aint Got No Worries, Aint Got No Gas Either




6. This One's For You Johnny Boy Girl Exercise Ball




7. Smack Cam Ambush (2x)




8. Incredible Ball Throw into Pool Direct Hit




9. Stealing McDonalds from the Obese Fat Suit Skit



10. "To Talk to a Customer, Please Press 1" Apple Care Phone Prank by Thomas Sanders



11. People Say I'm Dead... by Landon Moss



12. Where Do the "Woo!"s in Blurred Lines Come From? by IndiaSteppin