College Math Problems


Question 1

A dorm floor holds about 20 students. 11 of these students are boys and 9 of these students are girls. 50% of the girls have boyfriends from high school and 3 of the boys are likely to be starters on the football team. What is the probability that Jimmy will actually get laid this year?

Question 2

X equals the amount of dates Jimmy will be going on during his freshman year. Jimmy had a meal plan that was supposed to last until December but that has run out of money by the middle of October. Jimmy's dinning hall has 3 ice cream machines and an unlimited burger bar. Solve for X.

Question 3

Two students are throwing a Frisbee to each other at a rate of 5 throws per minute. If the two students are playing Frisbee for two hours, do you think they will ever invite Jimmy over to play?

Question 4

A local frat party costs 5 dollars for entry. But the bouncer L-Dawg is providing an 100% discount for each nice set of knockerinos that are flashed in his face. If the bouncer continues at this rate will the frat have enough to recoup the money they lost from buying all those Four Lokos? (Jimmy was not invited)

Question 5

Jimmy and Veronica are walking to Intro to Web Design together at a rate of 2 mph. Due to gravity, Jimmy is having a tough time keeping pace with Veronica and he is now beginning to sweat profusely. The distance from where Jimmy is to class is 100 feet, will Jimmy make it without Veronica noticing how grossly out of shape he is? Show your work.

Question 6

Jimmy's toes bend upward at a 56-degree angle. Is that weird?

Question 7

If Jimmy finds out that Veronica only likes him as a friend and confides in him that she actually likes the school quarterback Trevor, how long before Jimmy will stop sobbing in the shower at night? Show answer in minutes.

Question 8

Jimmy decides to write a song for Veronica on his saxophone to win her heart. Using the provided equation for the velocity of sound, determine how much Jimmy can play outside of Veronica's dorm room before he is detained by campus security. (Hint: Remember to factor in that the time campus security will take to laugh and videotape Jimmy.)

Question 9

If Jimmy receives an allowance of 500 dollars from his parents each month and he saves 20% of this allowance each time he receives it. How many months will have to pass before Jimmy can afford a plane ticket to Cuba where he can change is name to "Alberto Juan-Carlos" and work as a cigar salesman?

Question 10

Jimmy now works as a CEO at a major software company where he makes over 400 million dollars a year. Women are dying to be with him and all guys wish they were him. He is also 6-foot-7, has six-pack abs, and is legally allowed to carry a samurai sword. Trevor was also eaten by an animatronic bear that Jimmy built. How many seconds will pass before Jimmy wakes up from this dream?

Bonus Question

If you are forced to attend over 5 a cappella concerts per semester, how long will it be before you can't listen to "Don't Stop Believin'" without wanting to eat a shard of glass?