Your twenties are the hardest. No one hands you a road-map for navigating post-college life. You're simply thrown out into the real world and expected to know everything you need to get by. If you're a millenial who's ever been confused about these formative years of adulthood, here are some essential things to remember...


1. Your twenties are a ten year period of your life.  

2. This period of your life takes place after your teens, but before your thirties.

3. You have been alive for at least twenty years. 

4. You were probably born some time in between October 15th, 1983 and October 15th, 1993.

5. This period in your life can be expressed alphabetically (twenties) or numerically (20s).

6. Some of your friends may also be in their twenties, but as they have likely entered their twenties at a different time from you, they will probably exit their twenties at a different time from you. 

7. The word "twenties" can refer to your age, but it can also refer to a form of US currency or a decade that was almost one hundred years ago.

8. In the US, when you turn twenty-one, you can legally purchase alcohol. This occurs in the early stages of your twenties.

9. When people ask what your age is, you will typically say "twenty" and either stop talking, or follow the word with a number between one and nine. 

10. You'll only be in your twenties once, which lasts for about 3,652 days.